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Best Balance Beam for Home Use

Those who are learning the balance beam, or starting gymnastics will understand the importance of strength and flexibility, the best way to refine your current ability is to practice on a specially designed balance beam for home use.

But, is it safe to practice at home, and what are the best balance beams for home use?

Types of Balance Beam

When deciding which balance beam to order, there are a few factors to consider such as length, width, and color. However, the most important factor is whether the beam sits on the ground or off.

We’ll be discussing both styles in this review and have assessed each balance beam in regards to being better for beginner, intermediate and advanced level gymnasts.

That said, each beam is useful in its way to gymnasts of all levels.

On-Ground Balance Beams

balance beam for home

The most important factor of these balance beams is the material, they’re made from a firm foam which makes it easier for beginners to practice their footwork and skills.

These on-ground balance beams usually have around a 4” surface width; the foam will be around 2”, which is the same as competition grade.

They are recommended for beginners simply because they’re great to practice on, before working your way up to a wooden beam.

Off-Ground Balance Beams

off ground balance beam

These balance beams are raised slightly off the ground, giving a feeling of height without the risk of breaking your bones. We call them ‘intermediate’ level because they’re amazing for practicing tumbling style skills, cartwheels and walkovers.

Unlike beginner level beams the core is made from wood, typically around 4” wide and 4” high.

Advanced Height Balance Beams

These off-ground beams are similar to the intermediate level however are usually raised to 24” by sturdy steel legs. This can be daunting for families to put in their home without instructors, however they are the best way to prepare for competitions (if this is your level).

These are also normally made from wood, padding and covered in suede for comfort. There are several advanced level beams in this article, which can be used at 24” for strength training and reduced to a moderate height for gymnastics practice.

Best Balance Beams for Home Use

Milliard 8ft Adjustable Balance Beam


Milliard is a well-respected manufacturer of gymnastics equipment; we discussed their 9.5ft Floor Beam previously. Here we have an advanced level, adjustable balance beam for home use, with the benefit of this beam being the modes. Firstly this has an off-ground, high practice height of up to 24”, this can also be brought down to 20” and 22”.

However, it also has floor mode making it perfect for gymnasts wanting to work their way up to an off-ground beam, but at this stage need a grounded beam.

The beam is made from an 8-foot, padded panel of wood, which is covered in a soft suede material, making this a competition-grade balance beam.

It has solid construction, non-slip feet, and locking adjustments, which ensure your safety at all times. This is a ‘one size fits all’ product, excellent for beginners who are passionate about advancing their skills quickly. Or, families with children at different levels, wanting one beam, that can accommodate different stages of ability.

Milliard 9.5ft On-Ground Balance Beam

balance beam for home use


This competition-style balance beam is perfect for beginner gymnasts, looking to practice at home, safely. Despite being a ground beam, this is also an excellent practice tool for upper-level skills. The beam can be used to practice cartwheels, walkovers, handstands and more.

Milliard has provided an extremely long version of a floor beam here, with 9.5ft length. The 6” bottom ensures that it is stable to the ground and 2.2” height is an ideal height for floor beams. The beam folds in half, which makes it excellent for storing it away in a cupboard and features a convenient carry handle.

The ‘lie-flat’ hinges have no protrusions meaning they do not damage your flooring and can be used to any surface, hardwood, laminate, tile or carpet.

Juperbsky 4ft Balance Beam

balance beam for kids


This balance beam for home use is great for beginners and available in either 4ft or 10ft length. It can be used for toddlers or children that are new to gymnastics to practice jumps, leaps, cartwheels, and handstands.

The 10ft version if foldable and transportable, making it easy to store and move around the house. The beam is made from high-density foam, making it firm enough that your feet don’t sink into it, causing injury. It is important to note that although this balance beam is sturdy enough to practice advanced tricks; the 4ft size is better for younger children or beginners.

Another benefit of this balance beam is that it can be used outdoors and is waterproof, I know many children that like to practice and perform outside during summer.

This plastic-feel fabric can be a bit sticky when performing tricks, if so, try wearing a pair of ballet slippers to counteract it. 

Juperbsky 8ft Off-Ground Balance Beam for Home Use


These ‘off-ground’ style balance beams are perfect for someone requiring a competition-grade beam, without risking serious injury at home with no instructor.

This particular one from Juperbsky is amazing, professional quality, without breaking the bank. The beam is 8ft in length and 4” in width, which is excellent sizing, enough to practice a whole variety of tricks. The beam is made from natural solid wood with high quality, non-slip feet which can hold almost any weight without shifting.

Due to this being an intermediate level balance beam for the home, it cannot be folded away for easy storage; it is a solid beam, which stays attached to the feet. That said, at 8ft it is not too difficult to store it away in a garage, shed or attic.

We believe this to be one of the best balance beams for home use; it’s sturdy and professional quality, excellent for beginners, intermediates or even pro’s to practice their talent.

MaxKare 9ft Balance Beam

gymnastics at home


MaxKare has created an easy to transport, folding balance beam, which reaches 9ft in length. It’s perfect for beginners to practice their skills and tricks before moving up to an off-ground beam.

It’s available in 3 different colors; purple, pink and brown – for a more ‘classic’ beam look. The foam is high-density EVA foam with a durable suede overlaying fabric. The real benefit of this beginner on-floor beam is that your foot doesn’t suppress into the material compared with cheaper versions. It also has a non-slip bottom, which means it can be used on a variety of different floor types without shifting when in use.

This balance beam for the home comes very well rated; as with many beginner beams, it’s easy to transport, with a handle and easy folding.

Springee 8ft Adjustable Balance Beam


Another balance beam that is very well rated is this adjustable beam from Springee. This will make you or your child feel like they’re practicing at their gym, from the comfort of the home.

The beam can be adjusted from 7” to 24” in height, making it perfect for those gymnasts that are getting ready to push themselves to a higher standard.

The 7” height when it is grounded means that intermediate gymnasts can also use it, whilst using the higher setting for strength training. The legs have a 2-bolt locking system for added security and support.

As with other advanced beams it’s manufactured with a solid wood beam and 2 sturdy steel legs. It’s covered in a suede fabric and comes available in a pink color.

One big advantage of purchasing a beam from this company is they also provide a 2-year warranty, which should put your mind at rest, knowing it will get a lot of use!

Springee 10ft Balance Beam

balance beam


Here we have another 10ft balance beam for home use, the difference with this one comes from the material of the beam. This has an extremely sturdy EVA foam base, which doesn’t flex with up to 160lbs of weight, making it perfect for practicing back handsprings.

The sturdy foam material makes it feel more like an off-ground beam, this makes it excellent for beginners as they can practice advanced moves, without risking injury. The beam also features 14,000 non-slip gripper dots, meaning it won’t slip on a variety of different floors, gym mats, hardwood, tile or carpet!

The beam is covered in a durable, faux suede material, which is comfortable on the feet and hands. As with other, grounded beams this can be folded and transported easily, with a top width of 4”, base width of 6” and height of 7.5”.

Tumbl Trak 4ft Sectional Gymnastics Training Beam

best balance beam for the home


This sectional floor beam by Tumbl Trak can be used on its’ own in a small space, or built with several beams to create a longer length. Each beam is equipped with Velcro at each end, so a few beams can be added together without them slipping when in use.

This beam is the same width as those used in competitions and the lightweight design makes it easy to transport around and store.

One excellent feature of this balance beam is its’ versatility, it can be used on matting, used as P-bars or to practice half-turns, handstands or cartwheels.

The length of a singular bar is 4ft, which is reasonably small, however perfect for those with less space in their home or those who do a lot of traveling.

This is a high-quality beam, which is often seen in gymnastics halls and gyms, is extremely affordable, making it one of the best balance beams for home use.

Tumbl Trak Brianna Balance beam



This off-ground balance beam for the home is excellent for both beginner and advanced gymnasts, to practice their tricks. It comes with a solid wood core, which is covered in ¼” rubber cell padding and synthetic suede. The stable wood beam is carefully held in place by 2 studded base pieces, which ensure stability during training,

Similar to other Tumbl Trak products, these beams can be added up to make longer versions for the home for or gyms. The end of the beam has a Velcro flap, which is used to secure several beams together, useful when practicing competition routines.

This balance beam is excellent for training at home, as it gives a professional feel, like the beams you’ll have at the gym. The beam is an average length of 8ft and 6 inches high; this means gymnasts at any level can use it.

FAQ's: Is it Safe to Use a Balance Beam at Home?

Yes, a lot of passionate gymnasts will buy at-home equipment to practice out of class, and a balance beam is no different. These products can be stored away, transported; they are lightweight and sturdy.

A balance beam needs to be sturdy, to withstand hours of hard landings and many shifts in supported weight.

FAQ’s: Can You Store Balance Beams at Home?

Yes, all of the balance beams discussed in this article can be stored somewhere in your home. Depending on the size available for storage, some products are better than others – such as foldable and lightweight beams, as they’re easy to put away.

Take for example the Milliard 9.5ft On-Ground Balance Beam, this is an extremely long beam when extended but can be stored in a cupboard, garage or under the bed, with ease. This is why it is one of the best gymnastic beams for home use.

FAQ’s: What is the Best Balance Beam to Buy?

As we’ve discussed previously, finding the best balance beam to buy will depend on requirements. Beginner gymnasts will require softer, lower balance beams as a way of practicing without risking injury. Some parents buy children balance beams when they haven’t even begun lessons; it’s an amazing way of teaching balance and poise, whilst they have fun.

Intermediate and advanced gymnasts will require a sturdier (wooden) beam with steel legs and a bit of height. This will resemble what they’re practicing with at their gyms.

FAQ’s: How Much Does a Balance Beam Cost?

The cost of a balance beam varies massively according to brand and style. It’s recommended to purchase a balance beam with a well-respected brand such as Tumbl Trak or Springee (or any other brand listed in this article) who manufacture gym equipment for professionals.

Usually you will be spending anywhere between $50 – $300.

If You’re Still Not Sure…

There are loads of online reviews, tutorials and unpacking videos which can help you decide which balance beam to buy. Check out this video of a young girl using her new Springee Balance Beam

Thank you for reading our review of the best balance beams for home use, hopefully you have found some interesting information and a product that you love!

If you have any comments or questions relating to this article, please leave us a comment below.

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