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When dancing, using the appropriate dance shoes provides its wearer with an identity due to their stylish looks and amazing designs. With a variety of dance styles available out there, dancing is one activity which does not have any age discrimination.


Your feet certainly need adequate protection and safety when you are busting your dance moves thus it is advisable to purchase the appropriate dancing shoes. Picking an ideal dance shoe is important as it improves your comfort while reducing onset of joint pains.

We are confident you find an ideal shoe that will enable you to freely swing like it is your last.

Dancing Shoe Buying Guide.

Brands: all the brands shortlisted in this article are famous brands in the entertainment and dancing industry. Renowned for their functionality and decades of expertise making them the best in the market.


Price: all the items shortlisted on this article are budget friendly. Chosen to give our reader a wide range of options to pick from, depending on their budget and expenditure.  

Fit: in other for you to fluently express yourself and avoid falling or failing when you are performing then you have to buy a dance shoe which is your perfect fit.

In terms of sizing, regular shoes are quite different from dancing shoes therefore you need to purchase a dancing shoe which is in contact with your skin and toes, it is not advisable to select shoes which leaves space for breathing.

Material: picking a shoe with the right material is very important because shoe material plays a huge part in ensuring all your dance moves are free of disappointments. Shoes crafted from active elements are able to withstand pressure as such, are recommended for shoe materials.

Style: the style you choose for your shoe is majorly dependent on the type of dance you will be performing. All dancing shoes are designed to fit a particular dance style as such they cannot be used interchangeably.


Durability: how durable your dance shoes will be depends on the type of materials which were used to make it. Especially its overlay and outsole. It is always advisable to purchase shoes with significant information about its durability.


1. Tent Leather Jazz Shoe

Are you in search of a jazz shoe or a gymnastic shoe? Then the Tent leather shoe should be the ideal product for you. It is quite affordable but still delivers amazingly. Being flexible, the Tent Leather shoe make it easy for you when you are on the dance floor.

The tent leather jazz shoe is ideal for most dancers as it is lightweight and provides adequate protection for your feet.  It is suitable for dancing dance moves like salsa, bachata and many more.

Key Features.

  • Soft leather.
  • Maximum flexibility.
  • Flat heel.

2.CAPEZIO Men’s Dance Shoe

This phenomenal shoe gives you the feeling of a professional ballroom dancer. For anyone looking to get into the dancing profession, the Capezio men’s dancing shoes is an ideal option.

Its lightweight nature makes it an ideal choice for anyone who loves dancing in lightweight shoes.

Key Feature

  • Forefoot soles and suede heel
  • Strong heel counter
  • Shock absorbing sponge

3. Sansha Pro 1 Canvas Ballet Slipper

If you want to take your performance or training a notch higher, the Sansha pro 1 canvas shoe is ideal for you. This shoe is ideal and highly functional for both men and women.

This shoe is available in a wide variety of colors (flesh, black, pink, white) thus providing you with a variety of colors to pick from.

Key Features

  • Elastic straps.
  • Durable sole.
  • Lightweight canvas.

4. BeiBestCoat Dance Shoes

The beibest coat dance shoes are durable dance shoes for those looking to purchase a dance shoe which will withstand strenuous dance steps and also be comfortable while dancing. The Beibest Coat Dance shoes are mad from imported premium leather.

This amazing shoe possesses counter steel which provides your ankle extra protection when you are on the dance floor.

Key Features

  • Made from premium leather.
  • Counter steel.
  • Durable.

5.Bloch Dance Men's Professional Tap Shoe

Tap shoes are available in different models, each model offers a unique feature thus enabling it stand apart from other of its kind. Bloch is considered the premier quality men’s dance shoes.

The Bloch Dance Men’s Professional Tap Shoe is made from genuine imported leather for professional tap dancers. This shoe is fitted with removable clips and pre-installed telephone taps.

Key Features

  • Durable.
  • Leather sole.
  • Lightweight.

6. Cheapdancing Men’s Dancing Leather Boots

The cheapdancing men’s dancing leather boots are ideal for most dancers as they are equipped with soft flat outsoles that protect dancers from sustaining injuries. This amazing dancing shoes provides you with adequate comfort and flexibility and its lace up design prevents the shoes from pulling off your feet while you are dancing.

It is also made from imported premium leather and is very durable and can withstand harsh conditions.

Key Features

  • Imported premium leather.
  • Soft outsole.
  • Durable.

7.Bloch Warm up Dance Shoe

Designed for both men and women, the Bloch Warm Up Dance Shoe are ideal for dancing in cold  conditions as they provide warmth to your legs while you are dancing.

The design of tis masterpiece is inspired by American Ballet Theater and Bloch stars principal dancers, max Beloserkovsky. This shoes are available in different colors like candy pink, pink flouro and charcoal.

Key Features

  • A unisex design.
  • Cushioned heal.
  • 100% polyester filling.

8. Sansha Jazz Sneaker

This flawless sneakers date’s way back to 1985. The Sansha Jazz Sneaker was created by a Frenchman called Franck Raoul-Duval who had passion for dance and also wanted to make dancing fun and easy.

Currently, the Sansha jazz Sneaker is among the top sneakers in the world and it is available in a variety of colors (black, purple/black, red/black).

Key Features

  • Breathable synthetic material.
  • Suede sole.
  • Functional laces.


Q: What shoes are ideal for hip hop dancing?

A: trainers and sneakers that are designed for dance are recommended for dancing hip ho.

Q: types of shoes I can wear to dance?

A: it is recommended that you always dance with dancing shoes. The best dancing shoe at that moment depends on the type of dance you want to do.


Everyone prefers to purchase the best dancing shoes available thus it is paramount to carefully select a shoe which is perfect for your particular dance. This will enable you know what is available in the market and broaden your knowledge of dancing shoes.

it can be frustrating to continuously spend your money on dancing shoes that either do not fit you or are not durable therefore it is advisable to always have a good understanding of what type of shoe you are purchasing before you decide to buy it.

The above listed products have being thoroughly researched and we can boldly assure you that with the above shoes you will have no dancing shoe problems.