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Winter is finally here!! Warm up boots will certainly come in handy. Your dance wear drawer maybe overflowing with leg warmers, oversized sweaters however, warm up boots are often left out.

During rehearsals, warm up booties help to keep your ankles and feet cozy. Being flexible, they don’t hinder your movement when you are dancing. Its outsole is designed to adapt to both outdoor and indoor usage. To crown it all up, these boots are portable and take up very little space in your dance bag. Warm Up Dance shoes also serve as perfect gifts for your loved ones.

It is very important that you select a Warm up Dance shoe that meets all your specifications and to assist you achieve that, we have provided you with a list of the top Warm up Booties available on the market


During the cold season warm up boots that are very much appreciated by most dancers because during performances and rehearsals they are capable of maintaining the warmth of your feet. Being very flexible the warm up booties do not hinder the dancer’s movements.

It is vital that you should keep warm in between dance classes and also keep your ankles and feet warm before you start dancing too. Dance warm up booties are well known by professional ballet dancers, teachers and students.

They are equipped with durable soles and are designed to adapt to both outdoor and indoor use.

1. Bloch Women's Warm Up Boot / Slipper

The Bloch Women’s Warm Up Boot is made from 100% imported nylon making it very durable and also it provides adequate warmth to your feet and your ankle. It is fitted with a synthetic sole made of polymer material, these soles are lightweight, resistant to abrasion and water resistant.

The Bloch Women’s warm up boot is designed to be worn to performance, rehearsals and to class. It features a cushioned heel that provides you with maximum comfort, a mudguard and nylon shell for protection and strength.

2. Baffin Base Camp Slipper

Warmth and comfort is an exciting and cool package is what you desire, the Base Camp by Baffin is an ideal slip on bootie for your mountaineering, camping and casual wear. The Baffin Base Camp slipper is reinforced with Cordura nylon that gives the bootie some additional protection.

Faux shearling lining and sturdy nylon upper for durability and warmth. Equipped with a lofty synthetic insulation that helps to keep your feet warm. Possesses Drawcord locks at your instep and on top to firmly keep your feet in this bootie as it can adjust to your feet shape, size and needs.

Available in a variety of colors (blue, black, blue-black) and also in different sizes.

3. Baffin Unisex Insulated Slipper Booty

This bootie is a combination of comfort, style and warmth which is ideal for traveling. Packable and lightweight. When not in use, the Baffin unisex slipper booty can be neatly folded into a small space and in extremely cold weathers, it can be worn inside the sleeping bag.

Fitted with a cozy nylon upper and a lining is added for warmth. This bootie has a tie front closure, it is elastic and lockable. Available in a variety of colors and sizes.

4. Bloch Kids Warm Up Boot/Slipper

The Bloch Kids Warm up slipper is ideal for kids. It provides adequate warmth and safety to feet and ankles. It is composed of imported 100% nylon which makes it durable. It is equipped with a durable rubber outsole thus Bloch Kids warm Up shoe has sufficient traction that prevents you from slipping when dancing.

The Bloch Kids Warm Up can be used in class or during performing on the dance floor. This shoe is renowned to provide warmth to your feet when you use it.

5. DANCEYOU Warm Up Boots Dance Shoes

This warm up bootie is made from premium quality synthetic material that gives it a unique appearance and makes it durable. It has a rubber sole making it an ideal choice for dancing/walking on wet, slippery or snowy surfaces as they provide significant traction on these surfaces.

The DANCEYOU warm up bootie has a professional design with an adjustable ankle bungee design at the ankle thus this Warm up bootie can be adjusted according to your actual feet shape and size and requirements.

This bootie also gives you a warm and comfy feeling while you are dancing/performing.

6. Warm Up Dance Slippers for Men Women

This masterpiece is a definite stand out as it has a unique appearance. Equipped with a rubber outsole which makes it suitable for use in slippery and wet surfaces, this sole also makes this bootie durable.

It comes with an adjustable strap design thus you can easily adjust it to fit your feet shape, needs and helps keep your feet and ankles quite warm and safe. This bootie is ideal for both male and female use. It also comes with an insulated design keeping your feet and ankle warm.

Also, this bootie is also perfect as a birthday, father’s day, holiday and anniversary gift for your boyfriend or girlfriend.

7. Capezio Women's Bootie,Metallic Dance Boot

This unique and classy women dance shoe is ideal for dancer on the go. This bootie is travel friendly and includes a drawstring Capezio gym bag for easy traveling with your dance boot making it perfect for a gift to loved ones.

This bootie has a unique metallic appearance with a nylon metallic upper synthetic material. With a casual and trendy, this bootie is recommended for winter and fall.

Available in a variety of colors (multicolor, pewter and black). Fitted with a cozy inner nylon lining which helps to keep your feet and ankle warm and comfortable.


What is the best type of sole for Warm Up dance booties

The major difference between warm up dance shoes and your normal everyday shoes, is the sole. Should you wish to effortlessly glide across most dance surfaces, it is vital to ensure your dance shoe of choice is fitted with the proper sole.

Important factors to consider when picking a sole are:

  • Depth:  deeper soles usually have reduced flexibility as such it will hinder your dance moves. An ideal dance shoe should permit you to properly point your foot thus your dance shoe should ideally exaggerate your point although this can be quite uncomfortable for some people.


  • Suede: suede soles are ideal for polished or wooden floors because the aid you to move swiftly with spins and twists. It is important to be mindful of what surface you will be performing on as sticky surfaces damage tend to damage suede soles. However, not everyone is comfy in suede soles.


  • Rubber: rubber dance shoe soles possesses a lot of traction. This type of dance shoe sole is ideal for some dance moves especially fast dance moves but for others this sole can cause significant limitations because with too much traction, the sole will be sticking to the floor thus hindering free movement and spins.



Where to Purchase Warm Up dance shoes


Unlike other normal shoes, warm up dance shoes are quite rare as such many people head to online stores to purchase warm up dance shoes.

That said, there a variety of websites available where you can purchase your desired Warm up dance shoe. A very reliable option is as they always have a variety of options from which you can choose from.