The Best Ballet Pointe Shoes.

Premium Pick

Suffolk – Steller – Pointe Shoe.

Best Pick

Russian Pointe Rubin shoe.

Value Pick

Russian Point Brava Shoe.

Ballet dancers across the universe prefer to use shoes ballet shoes which are thin and lightweight. These type of shoes ensure safety of dancers and permit absolute freedom of movement. However, it is paramount to acknowledge that these shoes provide no protection or support to your feet or ankles thus this shoes are not ideal for regular use.

The ideal ballerina shoe improve your carriage and poise and at the same time offers stability and comfort. Ballet shoes are available in a variety of colors as you must have noticed that most female Ballet dancers wear tan or pink colored ballet shoes while male Ballet dancers usually wear white or black ballet shoes.

Dancing on the tip of your toes can be a risky endeavor but with the perfect ballet shoe, you are protected from injuries like sprained ankles and broken toes.

While deciding on the perfect ballet shoe for you, it is vital to know that picking a ballet shoe serves as a slipper for your feet thus picking a perfect fit is very important.

This article will certainly help you pick a ballet shoe that meets all your requirements based on Features, Brands and functionality.

1. Suffolk – Steller – Pointe Shoes.

The Suffolk-Steller pointe shoe is ideal for individuals with low profile foot and permits the Ballet dancer to adequately get over the platform while fully articulating her feet.

This amazing ballet shoe provides the dancer with a wider platform, a strong supportive box and an arch hugging insole. When using this shoe, you are less likely to sit as you will fell lifted and psyched up to do your thing.

With its flexible upper vamp, the Suffolk-Steller Pointe shoe provides amazing fit and comfort to you.

The signature Suffolk U shapes and the medium Vamp is handcrafted to perfection. The Suffolk-Stella Pointe shoe is available in a variety of colors and different sizes.

You can easily get this shoes new or like new on eBay for very affordable prices.

Key Features

  • Color: sand, pink, cocoa and white.
  • Materials: Canvas.
  • Lightweight.

2. Russian Pointe Rubin

The Russian Pointe Rubin AKA the Russian Ruby guarantees magnificent performances as it provides flawless support and balance along with clean lines. Quiet and lightweight with a smooth pleat less toe platform.

The Russian pointe Rubin is ideal for people with square to slightly tapered toes/feet to the less-full feet.

Equipped with next Gen. Shanks which provides adequate durability and flexibility during performances.

The Russian Rubin also features heel shape for feet with minor taper from heel to metatarsal areas. It mimics the shape of a foot due to its pre-arched design. Russian pointe is available in different colors and different sizes

Key Features

  • Material: Satin.
  • Color: pink, white and red

3. Russian Point Shoes Brava

Intended for moderately tapered to even length tapered toes, the Russian point brava is capable of accommodating broad feet at the ball of the bunions or feet because it opens up at the wings.

This model is ideal for a diamond shaped foot as it provides an amazing streamline as it narrows to the heel.

The brava pointe shoe is magnificent for both function and form as it integrates some performance enhancements with an elegance that is spotlight worthy of traditionally designed pointe brava shoes.

This amazing shoe is available on eBay at very affordable prices.

The brava point is available in a variety of sizes and colors (Pink, White and Red.

Key Features

  • Material: satin
  • Color: Pink, White and Red
  • Lightweight
  • Durable

4. Mirella Pointe Shoes

Mirella pointe shoes is specially crafted to give you maximum support and comfort. This amazing shoe is fitted with noise reducing technology thus ensuring that when in contact with the floor, the shoe stays quiet. It boasts of super soft suede outsole which further enables it be extra quiet.

Its toe cushions are crafted from satin and have removable thus making cleaning it quite easy and straight forward. The shoes follows the natural contours of your foot.

Fitted with a shank which is flexible and supportive at the heel thus permitting sleek heel arching in a properly aligned manner therefore enabling lengthen of the metatarsal area.

This show is available in a variety of sizes and colors (Pink, Red)

Key Features

  • Material: satin
  • Color: Pink, Red
  • Shank

5. Capezio Comtempora Pointe Shoe

Renowned for its innovative craftsmanship, Capezio keeps creating new designs aimed at keep ballerinas magnificent when performing “en pointe”.

Made from a 100% satin material available, this Ballet shoe has an elegant design that provides Ballerina with a magnificent performance. This masterpiece is equipped with a shank that is crafted to provide support to the arch thus ensuring that your heel is protected from any injuries or sprains.

The Capezio pointe shoe has a soft interior which guarantees your comfort and at the same time guaranteeing you high performance when dancing.

A feature which is vital in most ballet shoes is balance, with the Capezio pointe you are guaranteed that due to its broad feathered box.

Top Features

  • Leather outsole.
  • Shank
  • 100% satin material.
  • U- Throat.
  • Medium vamp
  • Tapered toe.

6.Capezio Adult Unisex Pointe Shoes

The Capezio brand is a well-known shoe brand that has been in the business of shoe making for centuries. These shoes are often used by professionals and students across the Globe and the Adult unisex is among the latest models designed for whose forefoot measures from medium to wide in width, and toes of equal length.

The adult unisex Capezio ballet shoe is available in different sizes, measuring from extra wide, wide and medium. It is fitted with a shack measuring a length of 2.5 for those who prefer medium shank this shoe is ideal for them as it provides medium level of support.

The vamp is accentuated in the heel and is U-shaped, it also features a drawstring thus allowing you to properly secure your feet in the shoe. Available in different sizes and different colors (Pink, Red and white).

Key Features

  • U-shaped Vamp.
  • Very quiet.
  • Medium profile.

7.Bloch Women's Heritage Strong Ballet Shoes

Bloch is amongst one of the most renowned brands in shoe design styles. The Bloch Heritage is a perfect example of reliability and quality Bloch provides. Fitted with a longer vamp and a firm shank, these shoes were designed to provide balance for when bending.

It features a long vamp that is ideal for square toed dancers and a wide platform for those who tend to sickle. This ballet shoe is lightweight and streamlined. It is made of quality satin material, cotton and leather.

This shoe reduces pressure on the metatarsals and permits more pirouttes. Available in a variety of sizes and colors (Pink and white).


Key Features

  • A long Vamp.
  • Durable.
  • Very quiet.
  • 100% satin material.

8.Capezio Ava Pointe Shoe

A highly functional yet elegant ballet shoe. This pair of Ava Capezio pointe shoe will provide you with confidence and stability when you are performing or practicing. Fitted with a broad toe box which eases execution of tricky en pointe moves, they are also equipped with a medical-grade gel cushion for additional comfort.

They are crafted from backed satin cotton with plus a plush rose like lining and rayon. An elastic drawstring and a satin binder enables you to secure this shoes on your feet thus providing you with adequate stability when you are performing or practicing.

Available in a variety of sizes and colors (Pink and Red).

Key Features

  • Material: satin
  • Color: Pink, Red
  • Shank

9.Grishko Adult Nova Pointe Shoe

Grishko 2007 is among Grishko’s most renowned pair of pointes and it is said to be ideal for all types of foot shapes and sizes. Fitted with a tapered toe box which makes it perfect for Egyptian and Grecian feet.

These shoes are available in three different shank options strengths and five different width options, this ensure that you get a size which is perfect for you. The Grishko Pointe shoe is a perfect blend of support and flexibility – assets that will certainly take your dancing skills to an all new level.

One of the most peculiar things about the Grishko Pointe is its ¾ shank which allows a perfect arch and a better support level to dancers when performing. Being to notch in terms of price, it is quite understandable as these shoes are made by one of the top dancewear companies known.

Available in a variety of colors and sizes.

Key Features

  • Very quiet.
  • Medium profile.
  • Crafted with non-toxic materials.
  • ¾ shank.

10. Bloch Women's Sonata Pointe Pink Ballet Flats

Renowned for being a top brand in dance shoes, Bloch sonata is one of many Bloch pointe shoes you are going to fall in love with after using them because they provide you with maximum comfort and stability while you perform on practice or the real deal.

Ideal for a wide range of different feet sizes due to its TMT technology and design. The Sonata features a narrow heel that will not easily crease along with a flexible shank that you can mold to fit your feet arch.

The Bloch sonata focuses on providing you with an amazing line which signifies that the sonata was crafted in a way that would protect it from creasing or bunching easily. This magnificent masterpiece is available in different colors and sizes.

Key Features

  • Canvas upper.
  • Firm shank.
  • Wide platform.
  • Long vamp.


In other to assist you pick the right ballet pointe shoe which will aid you to perform flawlessly, we have listed out some buying guide to that effect.


1.     FIT

For to be able to dance well, it is advisable that you get a shoe which will properly fit your feet. Getting the right fit is important because in ballet dancing you are expected to much more than just dance, balance, jump and turn on your toe tips. You are expected to make these movements look graceful, effortless and beautiful. This means that you have to make sure you choose a pointe that is your perfect fit thus allowing you focus on the quality of your dancing than being worried about hurting your feet.

2.     MIDSOLE

One of the most important parts of your pointe shoe is the shank of the sole owning to the fact that its major use is to keep you up en pointe. The midsole is layering of certain materials like canvas, paste and leather aimed to provide you with balance and stability while you are up and en pointe.

3.     SIZE

The toe box is a very important area of the ballet shoe. When dancing en pointe, all the dancer’s pressure and weight are directed to the dancer’s toes thus it takes a strong, reliable, durable and a strong, graceful dancer to execute this type of dance moves.

The toe box along with the shank work together to provide you with support and stability. It is vital to know the size and shape of your toes so you can easily find your perfect size. The size and shape of your toe determines both the shape and length of the vamp.