Best Ballet Slippers (For adults, wide feet, men, narrow feet & more)

Selecting the ideal ballet slippers that’ll meet your specifications should be quite easy and straightforward. Although with the wide variety of different options available, you may find it a bit difficult to select one.


The ideal ballet slippers used by most ballerina are thin and lightweight thus they permit free movement and ensure the dancers safety. However, most slippers provide very minimal ankle protection and support thus making it unsuitable for regular usage.


With the recent advancements in technology, the creation and development of dance slippers has also evolved resulting in creation of slippers that provide greater support, comfort, and durability (with increasing the number of slippers to decide between!).


With regards to where you are on your dance journey, the requirements you’ll need from your dance shoes will vary. To help with your decision making we’ve provided a detailed breakdown of the benefits and features of some of our star ballet slippers, ensuring you have all of the necessary information to select the most ideal option for your future dancing endeavors.



It is vital that before you decide to purchase a dance slipper, you should have sufficient information about the shoe which you desire to purchase so that it meet all your specification and needs.

We have provided you with a buying guide which will help you select the right ballet slipper which will help you to perform flawlessly.


It is important to always purchase a dance shoe that fits you like a glove. However your dance slipper should not feel tight or pinch but you should endeavor to select a dance shoe which does not leave extra space when you wear it.

A shoe that perfectly fits will allow you to effectively express yourself when you are performing.


The quality of every dance shoe was put to the test before their selection. This was done by a team of dance enthusiasts with enough knowledge of the requirements for dance shoes. All rigorous inspection was passed without fail, which is why we believe in the quality of these products.


Choosing a reputable brand is advisable when trying to choose a shoe that will meet your requirement. It is advisable to take time to read reviews from other buyers as this will give a good idea of the important features of this shoe and also give you a good picture of the dance shoe.


Leather shoes provide resistance which supports ankles, foot and calf muscles. They are a bit expensive as compared to ballet shoes made with canvas materials and they are recommended by teachers for kids although they can be used by professionals and adults.


• Capezio Women's FF01 Ballet Slippers

Designed to be barely there, the “freeform modern FF01” by Capezio molds to the shape of your feet.

It also has other features like a suede sole patch which has been contoured and cushioned to provide maximum comfort an adjustable attached unique and elastic styling which permits this shoe to be worm for ballet dance, contemporary, modern and jazz dances too.

The freeform Capezio ballet shoe is available in both leather and fabric materials. Available in different sizes and colors as well.

Key Features

  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Suede sole

• Bloch Men's Dance Synchrony Stretch Canvas Ballet Slipper.

The Bloch men’s dance stretch ballet slipper is a cutting edge stretch canvas that gives a streamlined fit which highlights the contours of the foot at the same time being amazingly comfortable.

Equipped with innovative fibers within the canvas material which stretch and recover to always reflect the natural shape of your foot. This dance slippers also provides a streamlined and sleek look on the foot

It is soft, wide and elastic at the top line as well as pre sewn crossed elastic to ensure secure fit, with a wider outsole design with no ridges to permit natural spreading of toes for easy balance and turning in the shoe.

Key Features

  • Leather sole.
  • Genuine suede material.
  • Durable.
  • Lightweight.


• Bloch Dance Girls' Dansoft Dance Slipper

The Bloch dance Girls’ Dansoft dance shoe is ideal for women who are new to ballet shoes as it has a relatively flat sole and a thin cotton drawstring which is used to adjust the shoe to the curves of the dancer thus providing sufficient support and stability to the dancer.

The toe shape of the Bloch dance Girls’ dansoft shoe is specially designed to provide ultimate balance to the dancer as she performs.

Equipped with a super comfortable, lightweight, stretch-canvas split sole. The shoe has a shock absorbing cushion designed to protect your feet from any sort of harm.

Key Features

  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Low noise
  • 100% suede material.

• Capezio Women's 2033 Leather Cobra Ballet Slipper/Shoe

Capezio’s Cobra leather split sole ballet shoe has a cotton/soft lining for maximum comfort. Equipped with a suede forefoot that is sculpted and engineered to accentuate or enhance the dancer’s performance.

Other peculiar feature includes flat pleats, padded suede heel patch and hidden forepart stitching. Pre-attached elastic at the heel.

The Capezio cobra ballet shoe is designed for both beginners and professionals and it features a split suede sole for easy gliding across surfaces.

Key Features

  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Flat pleats


• Bloch Dance Women's Leather Split Sole Slipper/Shoe.

The Bloch Dance Women’s leather split sole shoe is renowned for its durability and flexibility due to the upper leather with elasticized binding that conforms to contours of the foot for a comfortable and streamlined fit.

Made with 100% cotton lining that adds strength and allows the shoe to breathe. Its moldable suede front sole permits spinning but brakes when flat and a low profile heel which provides optimal control when stopping. Its rubber outsole adds more grip.

The Dance Bloch women dance shoe is available in a variety of colors and sizes.

Key Features

  • Split sole
  • Durable
  • Comfortable

• Bloch Dance Women's Performa Stretch Canvas Split Sole Ballet Shoe/Slipper

The Bloch professional favorite is the Bloch Performa. It is a lightweight, super soft ballet flat shoe which hugs the dancer’s foot thus making it ideal for narrow footed dancers.

Additionally it is available in a variety of shades which will suit many skin tones and colors.

Fitted with an incredibly comfortable lightweight scratch canvas split sole. The toe shape region is specially designed to provide adequate comfort and balance to the dancer.

The performa is capable of adapting beautifully to the arch of your foot. Has a shock absorbing cushion that protects the foot from injuries.

Key Features

  • Wide front sole.
  • Comfortable
  • Shock absorbing
  • Durable


• Capezio Women's Daisy Ballet Slipper/Shoe

Are you interested in keeping your feet as comfortable as possible when you are performing? If yes, we suggest you purchase Capezio Women Daisy ballet shoe as they are incredibly well known for regular width and width alike.

They are fitted with a drawback which allows you to properly secure the slipper around your foot. They also have endless options as far as pattern and color goes thus providing you with a chance to off your dance moves with ease.

These shoes feature a memory foam footbed which molds around your foot providing with extra cushioning with every step.

Key Features

  • Memory foam
  • Durable
  • Comfortable

• Bloch Pro Elastic Ballet Sliper

The Bloch Pro Elastic Ballet Slipper is designed for dancers with wide foot, it is made with an upper canvas and a split suede sole which provides adequate grip and smoother dance movement.

Fitted with an elastic band that evenly distributes tension thus reducing pressure on the Achilles tendon and this helps protect you from injuries. Equipped with a triangle stretch canvas arch insert hugs the foot when dancing.

Forefoot outsole pad protects the metatarsals from sprains and strains. No ridges for comfort and prevention from injuries and bruising.

Key Features

  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Ideal for wide foot


Best Ballet Shoes For Toddlers

• Bloch Bunnyhop Toddler/Little Kid Canvas Ballet Slipper/Shoe

The bloch bunnyhop toddler kids canvas are extremely affordable and highly recommended for most toddlers. Bloch is a renowned dance shoe brand that is known for producing amazing dance shoe thus making this shoe quite ideal for use by most toddlers.

The upper is crafted from leather and it is fitted with a synthetic sole which makes it easy to swiftly move and make complex dance moves


This shoe is available in pink but however it is available in a variety of sizes.

Key Features

  • Synthetic sole
  • Genuine leather
  • Comfortable

• Capezio Kids' Juliet Ballet Slipper/Shoe

Capezio kids’ Juliet ballet Shoe is will certainly be among your favorite toddlers dance, it features a uniquely sculpted arch that improves pointing and flexing. It is equipped with pre-attached criss-cross elastics and durable leather that helps to properly secure it on your foot.

The Capezio Kids’ Juliet slipper is the shoe of choice for dancers with narrow foot. Made with durable, contoured chrome tanned suede sole patches with hammered pleats for soft floor contact.

Key Features

  • Comfortable
  • Ideal for narrow foot
  • Leather upper
  • Cotton lining and polyester

Half Sole Dance Slippers

• Bloch Dance Womens Canvas Contemporary Ballet Slipper/Shoe

The bloch womens contemporary half-sole ballet slipper envelops with its super soft leather upper closed toe. It provides freedom of movement due it its suede sole.

It features an adjustable and elastic binding strap for a secure and snug fit. The Bloch Half-sole is durable, versatile, modern and ideal for both lyrical and contemporary dance. It is available in both adult and children sizes.

However, due to its half-sole feature, it provides little or no protection or support to your ankles

Key Features

  • Half-sole
  • Comfortable
  • Easy movement
  • Soft canvas

• Danshuz Modern Canvas Half Sole Ballet Slipper

Danshuz canvas half-sole ballet shoe offers little protection for the toes and ankles. They give a barely there type of feeling and appearance. They have being designed to be slim fit so they can securely fit and enhanced by its single heel loops.

Its suede sole provides the dancer with essential grip during contemporary maneuvers while adapting to your moves for times when you may need to perform a slide movement.

Key Features

  • Suede sole
  • Bare foot feel
  • Light weight