The 10 Best Dance Training Aides to Become a Better Dancer in 2022

As we like to say here at Dancerholic “Perfect Practice” makes perfect. However the right dance training aides and tools can help you become stronger and improve your dancing skills at a rapid pace. In this article I want to share with your 12 dance training aides that we feel benefit our students the most. You may spend an hour or so a week in the studio with your instructor, but it is the amount of work you put in our your own at home, that will give you the quickest progression towards your dance goals.

The dance tools and aides we cover in this article are all very helpful. They are in no particular order. The best dance training aide really depends on the individual dancer. So choose the best aide(s) for you based upon your desire, strenght, experience and where you are on your personal dance journey.


It is my believe that every serious dancer should have a pole in their home if possible. Dance pole exercisng has so many benefits for all dancers that may not be obviously immediately.

1) Dance pole exercise is fun, and they will motivate you to exercise in other ways that may be more common to your field of dance.

2) Your Body will become more Limber. Mobility and flexibility is import in all dance. The more limber your body becomes the more freely you will be able to move.

3) Builds over all endurace. Virtually all your muscles are used during a fun dance pole exercise routine. This builds your endurance and ultimately your confidence, and we all know how important dance confidence is.

4) Added Strenth to your Bones and Joints. Joint pain is a serious and persistent issue for dancers. Pole danceing exercise will help you develop strong bones and connective tissue especially in your hands and legs which will serve you well in other dance genres and later in life with common repetitive strain injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome that people suffer from.

I could go on and on about the benefits of dance pole exercising, but I won’t. I know many Dancerholic readers have dance poles in their homes and have experienced the benefits I am sharing. If you don’t own a pole, the obivous question you probably have is where do I start?

Alice wrote and excellent guide giving you all the details on how to select the best dance pole for your home. You can click below to access this free dance pole guide.

Balance Board & Leg Stretching Strap ( 2 Piece Set)

One of the most common questions we receive at the studio from young dancers who want to up their game, and improve their skill is something like. “My birthday is coming up and I don’t know if I should ask my grandmonther for a dance stretching straps or balance board, which do you think I would benefit from the most?”

With youg dancers that is a hard question to answer because experienced teachers know, the obvioius answer is “both”, so I never knew how to best anser that question for our young students, until now.

Core Training and Flexibility Equipment should be used at home by all Dancers, Gymnastics, Cheerleaders, Figure Skaters and other athletes. Now you can get both leg stretching straps and balance board, together in one package at about the price you would normally invest in a quality dance balnce board, by itself. In this new package we have been recommending to our students you receive both the balance board pictured above and also dance leg straps that you can use at home.

These two products are sold together in one package. You will received the balance board and stretching straps in one package for less than $50.00. This is a powerful one – two punch for serioius young dancers.

Turnboard PRO


There has been some debate on the value of Turnboards, and I sincerely don’t understand why. At Dancerholic we are all about supporting everything that helps dancers have fun, stay motivated, and practice.

The idea behind a turnboard is simple, and logical. A turn board is a slim rectangular board which works on the principle of reducing friction between the foot and the floor, allowing the dancer to learn to spin faster, quicker.

Dance teachers are divided in their opinions of turn boards. It is unclear to me as to why. If a student is not having funning, learning, and getting better, how long do dance teachers feel they will remain students?

The turnboard first hit the scene in the dance film documentary First Position.

Turn boards help dancers to master multiple turns. Some argue turn boards increase dancers’ confidence in performing lots of turns, which is correct and how can increasing confidence be bad?

The argue the technique employed to do so without a turn board is different. Turn boards are used with a flat foot, rather than the relevé of turns and pirouettes, so the dancers’ balance is not used the same as how they will turn usually. It can be argued that turn boards encourage incorrect technique, and using one will not mean the dancer can suddenly perform ten pirouettes off the board. Turning on a flat foot means the foot is not in the same position and the weight distribution is different than for pirouettes.

I understand the argument, I just respectfully disagree after seeing the benefits and confidence they have given to our students. You have to believe you can before you will. Turnboards help students develop belief, then we can work on the technique, and we do. I know some will disagree but I think the Turnboard Pro is a fabulous dance training aide, and I wouldn’t be doing my job if I left if off this list. For purest, those that don’t have budget concerns, and more experienced dancer wa always have and probably always will recomment the Dot2Dance Portable Dance Floor. For new dancers we suggest the Turnboard Prog and you can click the button below to get the most updated info and pricing.