The best ballet tights for adults and kids

The Best Ballet Tights for Adults and Children

If you’re new to ballet, you may not be aware of the significance of ballet tights.

Tights are a fundamental clothing accessory for ballet dancers, whether you’re a beginner or expert. My ballet teacher would not let anyone into the class if they weren’t in tights and a leotard!

Good tights allow you to see the persons’ lines and muscles much more clearly than leggings or a tracksuit.

You may think that you could buy a pair of white fashion tights and they would suffice. But in fact, they differ from fashion tights considerably, in the durability of the fabric and style of the manufacturing.

If you’re new to ballet and unsure which ones to buy, the choice can be overwhelming.

There is nothing more frustrating then spending a decent amount of money on a pair that are uncomfortable or bad quality. So, we’ll be taking you through the best ballet tights for adults as well as the best ballet tights for children.

best ballet tights

In this article we will list the different features to look out for when choosing a pair of ballet tights, so that you can find your perfect pair and stop all the searching!

What to Look for in Ballet Tights?


Waistband is very important when it comes to ballet tights, this is because bad quality tights will start to roll at the waist.

This gives an appearance of a line when you’re wearing a leotard, which is not ideal! Some waistbands will also have a silicone grip, this stops the dance tights from sliding down your stomach.

What are the Different Styles of Ballet Tights?


Convertible tights have a small hole under the foot which allows the dancer to wear the tights in different ways, either as a full footed tight or rolled up by the ankle.

These dance tights are perfect for practicing pointe exercises as they provide protection for your toes.

But they’re also great for switching between jazz shoes, ballet flats, pointe shoes and bare feet.

convertible ballet tights

Full-footed tights

This one is self-explanatory! Full-footed ballet tights are like a pair of fashion tights that cover your whole foot. These are the standard ballet tights for performances as they work well with ballet slippers and jazz shoes. 

full footed ballet tights


There is also the option of stirrup style tights, these have a band going around the sole of the foot, so the heel and ball of the foot are exposed.

These are great if you’re practicing or performing barefoot and you still want the grip, that ballet shoes provide.

stirrup ballet tights

Body tights

Body tights cover everything from the neck down, in either camisole style of long sleeved. These are not commonly worn in ballet class. 

body tights ballet

What is the Best Fabric for Ballet Tights?

There are many different fabrics that are used to make ballet tights. Adult ballet tights require great stretch, to give you more flexibility in your movements. 

If you’re looking for ballet tights for toddlers; you’ll want a more durable material. 

Here are some popular fabrics


Nylon is a more traditional fabric, also used for fashion tights. It’s lightweight and resistant to abrasion.


Microfibre tights have a Lycra feel, elasticated. But they’re a popular choice as they’re nice and soft.

Elastane/ Spandex

Elastane/ Spandex are commonly used in adult ballet tights as they provide great stretch and flexibility. You’ll see this material used a lot, in the tights in this review.

It’s important to choose a fabric that works for your needs, ballet tights for toddlers for example may require more durability, rather than stretch.

In this review we’re going to start by discussing the best ballet tights for adults, some of these are suitable for children.

But if you’re looking solely for childrens ballet tights – head to the end of the review where we have found the best ballet tights for toddlers and young children.

Best Ballet Tights for Adults: Convertible

MANZI Women & Girls' Convertible Ballet Tights

best convertible ballet tights

These professional-grade ballet tights come in traditional ballet colours – black, nude, pink and white. They have a diamond gusset for increased comfort and a great fit, and convertible style around the foot.

They come at an amazing price and what’s more, there are 3 in a pack! So you don’t have to worry about running out to get a replacement if you do tear a pair.

The quality is impressive, compared to other big brand dance gear, made from 85% Polyamide and 15% Elastane. They feel soft but with amazing stretch.

They’re durable and not easy to snag which means, less time worrying about buying replacements!

These Manzi tights are available for all sizes and ages.

For children age 4-6 (small), Age 7-10 (Medium) and Age 11-14 (large)

Bloch Women's Endura Hipstar Adaptatoe Tights

Now from a bigger name brand, trusty Bloch! These convertible dancing tights for adults are smooth and soft for all-day comfort.

They’re made from 88% Nylon and 12% Spandex which gives a ‘return to form’ function, this means no sagging around your knees after a long dance class!

These differ from other tights in our article in that they’ve got a V-waist which sits low on the dancers hip. This gives more coverage of your back which drops at the front so they’re super comfortable.

There is also a silicone grip which sits in the waistband to avoid them slipping down whilst dancing.

Available in black, tan and pink. They have a small, streamlined and effective gusset, that stays hidden.

They’re reliable, durable and our top!


GDS Grace Convertible Dance Tights

best ballet tights for adults

For a cheaper alternative to Body Wrappers, we think these are the next best alternative!

These convertible ballet tights are for adults and children and they come at an extremely reasonable price. They’re made from an anti-snag, breathable material and are available in Pink, Suntan, Black or White.

They’re semi-opaque, so breathable but still manage to cover bits on your legs, if you need!

They have a small ‘no show’ diamond gusset and hand sewn flat seams for a seamless look. The material provides plenty of stretch so you’ve got sufficient mobility.

Best Ballet Tights for Adults: Full-Footed

Bloch Full-foot Tights

Bloch ballet tights

First on our list of full-footed ballet tights are made by Bloch. 

These are made with stretchy material; 88% Nylon and 12% Spandex, so you have optimal flexibility. 

The spandex also stops them from sagging around your knees. 

These are available in Tan, Suntan, Pink, Black and White. As with most tights for ballet, these come with a dyed to match streamlined gusset.

They also have wide knitted in waistband, this prevents the tights from sliding down or rolling. 

Best Ballet Tights for Adults: Full-Body

Danceyou Body Tights

This full-body tights is nude and comes with clear straps, it is designed to be worn under a leotard. The benefit of a full-body set of tights is for extra compression and added coverage under a leotard. 

They’re made from soft Nylon and Spandex in a material that releases moisture, so you’re also staying dry. 

Best Ballet Tights for Adults: Stirrup

Capezio Self Knit Stirrup Tight

If you’re looking for a soft pair of stirrup style ballet tights, these are the ones for you!

Capezio manufacture a matte semi-opaque finish, with a gusset that has been dyed to match the tone – as it should.

These are made from 86% Nylon and 14% Spandex so they have amazing stretchability as well as being sturdy.

Like other big brand tights, they have a wide array of colours, in beautiful pigment – Light Tan, Caramel, Maple, to name a few!

We would recommend these tights for you ladies that have tall legs, as they can run a bit long.

Body Wrappers Stirrup Tights

Body Wrappers is a very popular dance gear brand. They make quality ballet tights for a range of dance styles including ballet, jazz and lyrical.

They’re so popular, that I know dance teachers that will enforce these as uniform.

These ballet tights are made from 88% Supplex Nylon and 12% Lycra Spandex for amazing durability and comfort.

I find it’s the waistband that really sets these dance tights apart; they’re created with a sewn-on logo waistband for a perfect fit and slip resistance.

Includes an invisible run guard and dyed Coolmax nylon gusset for color uniformity and moisture management.

They’re available in a wide array of colours including shades of tan, pink and black. They have larger sizes than most other brands of ballet tights – check out the sizing chart available on Amazon, to make sure you get your perfect fit.

We’re choosing these as our number 1 ballet tights at the moment, they’re super soft, great colours and extremely durable.

Best Ballet Tights for Adults: Footless

Capezio Hold & Stretch Footless Tight

best footless ballet tights for adults

I know many dancers who hate the feeling of tights under dancing shoes and would prefer to be barefoot.

These footless black tights from Capezio will be perfect for you.

They have excellent hold and stretch support which gives amazing control and a tight fit, holding in place during intense routines. The support really is top notch and there is guaranteed long-lasting wear.

They’re made from 88% Nylon, 12% Spandex, and have a semi-opaque look so not too thick. They’re available in Black, Tan and Light Suntan.

Capezio tights are extremely stretchy, comfortable and made with durable fabric. Best of all, they’re very affordable!

Best Ballet Tights for Children

Now we’re going to look at some ballet tights that are especially made for children.

Many parents won’t have done ballet themselves and this makes it difficult to know what to buy, and how it should fit.

There is a great article which shows, with photos how to fit ballet clothes. 

Dancina Ballet Dance Tights Footed

best ballet tights for toddlers

Now, these footed ballet tights are perfect for adults and children alike. We’ve put the on the ‘ballet tights for toddler’ review, because they’re extra durable! And cheap, so you can replace them when needed.

They’re amazing quality for an amazing price!

Available in tan, white, pink and black. They’re opaque and the colours are lovely in real life, they have got the shades just right.

These are full-footed ballet tights, so they do not have the small hole at the base of the foot. This is personal preference, some parents prefer the convertible style so they can be lifted to avoid getting the soles dirty.

They’re made from 85% Nylon and 15% Spandex. This means they have enough stretch for any style of dancing, but they’re also durable and will not ladder easily.

A lot of other tights will wear away as you wash them but these stay in great condition after weekly washes.

Fitdance Ultra Soft Ballet Tights

Dance tights for kids

Kids will get up to all sorts at dance class, and I know how easy it is to get holes in some bad quality tights.

But these amazing ballet tights for young girls come in a 3-pack at a great price, so you don’t have to worry about your little one getting a hole in them. And they’re also super durable! So chances are, they won’t split easily.

They’re convertible which tends to be a good style for kids, they can pull them up when they’re barefoot, so no muddy soles.

These kids dance tights are made from 85% Polyamide and 15% Elastane, for optimal stretch and durability. The material keeps your young ones cool, dry and comfortable during dance class.

The waistband is designed to avoid slipping down the waist, so they won’t be complaining of pinching or rolling, and you cannot see it under a leotard.

That’s it for our review of the best dance tights for adults and children. 

When you’ve chosen your perfect pair, make sure that you wash them correctly to avoid damaging them. 

FAQ: How to Wash Your Ballet Tights

The best way to take care of your ballet tights and keep them lasting longer is to ensure they are hand washed and left out to dry. This is really important, a washing machine will make them bobble or potentially ladder and a tumble dryer will ruin the elasticity.

Here’s a great article explaining how to clean all your dance gear!

FAQ: What's the Difference Between Ballet and Fashion Tights

Ballet tights are specially made with thicker material which stops them from getting ladders or snags. Because you’re making bigger movements than in everyday life, they have to be extremely flexible, so they’re not holding you back.

If you’re new to ballet, here is a great video to teach you the basic steps so you can get yourself prepared for your first class.

Thank you for reading our review of the best ballet tights for adults and children. I hope there was something  you liked the look of, or at least learnt something new.

The market for dance tights is forever changing and upgrading, so please let us know in the comments if you think we’ve missed any.

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