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Best Dance Bags Reviewed

Having a dance bag is key to keeping organised at dance shows and competitions. A standard gym bag won’t be sufficient in keeping your shoes separate from your clothes, so it’s important to have a bag specially designed for dancers. But what are the best dance bags on the market?

There are many big brands out there, making great quality dance bags. First, let’s look at the features to look out for when shopping for a great dance bag.

Benefits of Using a Professional Dance Bag

Size and Weight

The size and weight of the dance bag, will depend on the circumstances of use. Take for example, a dance competition. You’ll have makeup, hair accessories, outfits and shoes and for this you’ll require a decent sized bag.

If you’re just needing a bag for dance class; a smaller sized bag for a change of clothes and shoes will suffice. We’ll provide a wide range of options, varying in size to fit your requirements. In terms of weight, the lighter the better.


You’ll want a bag that is comfortable to carry for long periods of time. For this, you’ll be looking for a padded cushioning which can move and adjust with the  strap.

If you’re carrying a lot of dance clothes around to a competition, you may also want wheels on the dancing bag. 

Specialised Compartments

bag for competition

It’s important to have specialised compartments when travelling to dance shows or competitions. Separate pouches can be used to divide up your clean clothes from your dirty clothes and shoes.

Ideally, you’ll also have a separate compartment to put your shoes, as the soles of your dance shoes can make your clothes dirty or smelly.

When you’re traveling to dance shows you may have makeup and accessories, and it’s best to keep them organised, so they’re easy to find, take out and apply.

The best dance bags will have room for all of your outfits and accessories. 

What are the Best Dance Bags for Competitions?

Dance bags with rackings are really clever for dance shows and competitions, as you can lift the rack and hang your clothes so they’re not creased.

They also allow you to see everything much more clearly and grab what you need quickly. They’re not necessary for everyone though, if this is what you’re interested in – head to the end of the review.

5 Best Dance Bag for Adults

Capezio Rock Star Duffle Bag

best dance bag

Capezio are well known for making quality dance gear, here they have manufactured one of the best dance bags with the Rock Star Duffle.

It’s made from 100% polyester with a softly patterned black outer fabric. Inside the bag is a large inner pouch which fits clothes, accessories and shoes. Oversized mesh pouch, padded handles and shoe pocket with zipper.

The many benefits of this bag are endless, including wire port for charging headphones and two durable hooks that fit around a barre. 

The size of the bag is 18.5 x 10.5 x 9.5″

Mosiso Dance travel bag

best dance bags

Firstly we have this sports and dance bag from Mosiso. This is a uni-sex bag that comes in a variety of colours and patterns. It has a padded shoulder strap for added comfort and dual handles for easy carrying.

Dimensions 18.9 x 9.8 x 10.2 inches (L x W x H).

Another great feature of this duffel bag is the water-resistant bottom. If you, or your child put the bag down in a puddle, this will soak all of your dancewear and ruin your day! This sturdy base panel and resistant material puts your mind at ease.

The bag is machine washable, so any odours or stains can be removed easily.

Compartments – This bag has multiple pockets for small items such as headphones, keys or purses.

Most importantly though, there is a side pocket for a pair of shoes. The shoe compartment is manufactured using breathable material to keep it ventilated, this will stop the bag smelling.

MarsBro Dance bag

best dance bag

We love the design and appearance of this dance bag, we’ve included it in the ‘dance bag for adults’ section however, it is also suitable for children. It’s made from durable, anti-tear fabric which is water resistant.

Another advantage of this dance bag, is that it’s got a padded strap. If you’re carrying heavy weight, this will be suitable to keep your shoulder protected from the strap.

Dimensions 19.7 x 9.8 x 9.3 inches, 30 Litres

Another great feature of the MarsBro dance bag, is the solid bottom. It is specially designed with friction pedestals on the bottom four corners, this stops the bottom of the bag from wearing away. The dance bag is compact enough to store in a locker if necessary, and large enough to fit clothes, shoes and accessories for a dance competition.


Compartments – There is a built-in shoe tunnel with ventilated material, to keep them separate from your clean dance clothes. The main compartment has a large capacity for clothes, makeup and anything else you carry. There is also a zip pocket on the front which can hold cell phones, keys and other valuables.

Horizon Duffle Dance Bag

best dance bag for ballet

Here we have another uni-sex dance bag that is suitable for children and adults, as it comes with an adjustable shoulder strap.

It also comes with dual hand-carry straps and comfort grip centre wrap. The material is a 600 denier, polyester fabric which is durable.

Dimensions – 19 x 11 x 11 inches and 1.8Ibs

Rather than using this for competitions, we recommend this as a dance bag to take to classes. It’s a great bag for any dancer, it will hold anything that you might need.

Another great feature of this bag is the durability, it’s not one where you have to pack or unpack with care. You can be a bit rough with it, and it’ll still hold strong. This is why it’s great for younger dancers!


This dance bag has four separate compartments. There is a zippered end pocket which can store your dance shoes, this extends into the bottom of the bag.

There is also three pockets on the outside of the bag, one suitable for a water bottle, on for valuable goods and a mesh pocket for small accessories. It should be noted, there is no pockets inside, so you may want to padlock the ‘valuables’ compartment.

Customized Girl Custom Name Dance Bag

bag for dance show

This dance bag is excellent as a present for any dancer. It’s available in 3 beautiful colours, Teal, Orange and Blue and can be customized with the dancers name.

This gives a uniqueness to the bag, as well as assisting with children losing their bags! The bags are printed on demand using high-quality vibrant vinyl for long lasting and stain-resistant designs.

There is a shoulder strap and top-grab handles which makes it easy to carry around. However, these straps are not padded.

Dimensions – 18 x 10 x 8 inches


There is a large zipped main compartment and a front mesh water bottle section. This bag doesn’t have as many compartments as most dancers would need to separate accessories. But if you’re a more casual dancer and just need this bag to carry to lessons, it’s perfect.

This isn’t the best bag in terms of size, weight and compartments. But it is a sturdy dance bag made from quality materials.

2 Best Dance Bags for Children

If your child has started dance classes, it’s important that they’ve got a dance bag suitable for their size and weight.

There are some bags that we’ve looked at that are great for young dancers, however the ones below are more suitable for very young dancers who don’t want to be carrying suitcase-sized bags.

Baohulu Toddler ballet dance bag

dance bag for kids

This colourful children’s backpack is great for toddlers heading off to dance classes. It’s available in multiple colours such as Purple, Black, Yellow and many more. The bag comes with easy grip zippers that are durable, and it’s made from a wipeable material.

There is a lovely sequined ballet dancer on the front which your little girl or boy will love. It comes with adjustable straps that are padded for comfort and can be used for any dance classes, sports, camping or school trips.


This dance bag comes with a large main, zipped compartment. This main compartment also has a hidden, smaller section inside which can be used for cell phones or money. There is also two mesh compartments on the outside, these can be used for water bottles or accessories.

Dimensions – 9.4 x 12.6 x 3.9 inches. It weighs 8.6 ounces.

We recommend this ballet bag for children between the ages of 2-6. It cannot hold lots of clothing and accessories so it’s main usage would be to carry spare shoes and clothing for after/ before class.

This bag is perfect for giving your child their independence and letting them look after their own belongings. It comes with amazing reviews and we think your child will love it.

Silver Lilly Children’s Dance Bag

Now, the previous ballet bag from Baohulu was great for toddlers heading to a dance class. This one from Silver Lilly is suitable for slightly older dancers that will be carrying more clothes, shoes and accessories.

The dance bag is made from quality materials and is well constructed, it’s lightweight and durable. Made from 600 Denier, vinyl black polyester.

The shoulder strap is detachable which comes in handy and its’ reinforced with a padded cushion to protect their shoulders. There is a choice of colours, Pink, Black or Purple and have a contrast trim for a bold, unique appearance.

Dimensions – 17.5 L x 11 H x 7 W inches

This bag is great for young dancers who need to hold onto a lot of kit, as it’s large in size without being too big to handle.

We recommend this bag for ages 6-10, who are heading from one dance class to another. The quality is great and it’s exceedingly sturdy.

dance bag


This dance bag certainly has all the necessary compartments for your child’s’ first dance competition. There’s a large main compartment for clothes, as well as a separate shoe compartment, so they won’t get their clean dance gear smelly!

The shoe tunnel has a zip closure and venting grommets to keep everything fresh. There is also an envelope sized pocket to hold valuables and an outer pocket for your water bottle.

2 Best Dance Bags for Competitions

Closet Trolley with Garment Rack

dance bag with rack

This bag is a wonderful design, great for more serious dancers who’re taking part in competitions. This dance bag with racking is a must have if your child needs to carry many outfits, makeup and shoes. If you’ve been taking your son or daughter to competitions, you may have seen people use these, they really do make your life so much easier.

The racking is made from two heavy-duty telescoping support bars and one horizontal bar holding your clothes. The racking is extremely sturdy, unlike other brands. When the racking is fully assembled, the weight of the bag is enough to support the racking from leaning. This is really important, if you buy a cheap version of this, it will topple easily and cause creasing and fuss than a regular dance bag.

Closet Trolley use extremely durable fabric (1680 Denier) which is tear resistant, it’s even been airline-tested for durability. Another amazing feature of this dance bag is that it comes with wheels. When you’re carrying 10+ outfits plus shoes and accessories, it would be far too heavy to carry.

Dimensions – 30L x 17.25W x 13T inches. The racking reaches a height of 57 inches tall, the perfect height to hang all kinds of dance outfits.

We think that this is by far the best dance bag for competitions. It fits up to 20 outfits, 10 pairs of shoes and all the hair and makeup accessories you’ll need.


This dance bag features all the compartments you could wish for. Multiple interior mesh accessory pockets, two water bottle holders; all fastened with heavy duty zippers.

Travolution Duffel Bag with Garment Rack

The final bag we’ll be reviewing comes from Travolution, it’s a dance bag with racking and similar to the bag above, however at a cheaper price. The racking is easy to use, it comes as 3 pieces which you assemble.

This bag can hold approximately 7 outfits as well as shoes and accessories, anymore than this and you risk it toppling over.


As well as the main compartment, there are numerous smaller pockets, for valuables and accessories. The main compartment

We think this is the best dance bag with racking under $150.

Dimensions – This bag is 14.5 inches wide.

If you are thinking of buying your first dance bag for competitions, the video below has some excellent advice on what to pack.

Thank you for making it to the end of our review of the best dance bags. We’ve tried to include a style to suit all you dancers out there, but if there’s one we’ve missed – Please leave us a comment and we’ll be sure to add it in.

We’ve got 2 top dance bags from this list. Our first is for more casual dancers who need a bag to take to classes – Adidas Squad III Duffel Bag. The design and colours are amazing and it’s incredibly durable. This dance bag is perfect for carrying spare shoes and outfits in between dance lessons, and it’s affordable.

But by far the best dance bag for competitions is the Closet Trolley with Garment Rack. It’s affordable for the quality, it’s got amazing durability and it looks great. There are many dance bags with racking  that collapse with a few outfits on, but this one stands strong! It makes it easy to quick-change outfits, as well as keeping them crease-free!

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