What to Wear Salsa Dancing

If you’ve got your first salsa dance class coming up, it’s normal to be confused about what to wear. In this article we’ll explain the importance of dressing correctly, as well as listing ideas and suggestions of what to wear salsa dancing.

What to Consider When Choosing a Salsa Outfit?


Salsa is an activity that requires hard work and physicality, in order to account for this your clothing should be comfortable, stretchy and breathable. If the clothing is not breathable, the movement will make you sweat, making you cold when you’re still.


It’s extremely important that the dance instructor can see your movements clearly, whether you’re a beginner or an expert. Long dresses or skirts will make it difficult for the teacher to assess your footwork, so mid to knee length is advised.


Dressing correctly ensures you feel the part when you turn up to class, this can improve your confidence and therefore ability.

Additionally, you should have confidence in the fact that your clothing is not going to increase your risk of injury. Try to avoid long, draping clothing that can be slipped on by either yourself or your partner.

Best Outfits for Salsa Dancing

what to wear salsa dancing

Skirts are a great choice of outfit for salsa dancing because they can be mixed with alternate tops to switch up your look. Many of the skirts available in our list are extremely affordable and come in a variety of colors and patterns to suit your style.

Remember that skirts and dresses can always be worn with a pair of tights if you’re concerned about flashing too much flesh!

KAI-ROAD Womens Latin Dance Skirt

outfit for salsa dancing

This is a great skirt for Latin dance classes because they come with a built-in short, which means you can have confidence that you’re not going to being exposed. Having this feature means you can move freely and dance with confidence and convenience.

Another great facet of this skirt is that it’s got a pull-string design so you can tighten/ loosen the ruching. This skirt is one of the best skirts for salsa dancing because it’s made from Micro Fibre material, meaning it’s lightweight, breathable, soft and comfortable.

YOUMU Salsa Wrap Skirt

For those who aren’t as comfortable dancing in a tight, ruched skirt. This one from Youmu is a beautiful skirt for salsa dancing. It comes in a wrap style that ties at the waist, which is extremely flattering. This skirt is also a little longer in the length but can be rolled up if preferred.

This Latin dancing skirt is available in a number of different colours and patterns to suit many different tastes. The material is Spandex so you have optimal flexibility in your movements.

For the skirts we’ve just mentioned; you probably won’t have these lying about your wardrobes however, tops are a different story. Although you still have to be careful with what you choose, chances are you’ll have something appropriate, especially for your first class.

General rules are to keep the top light and stretchy, I try to avoid zips or buttons as I fear I’ll catch someone’s hair or get stuck to my partner!

Here are some good examples

Wrap styles tend to be extremely flattering and the sizing doesn’t have to be spot-on for it to fit and be comfortable. Some wrap tops can be low cut, so feel free to add a sports bra or vest top underneath.

what to wear salsa

Another option of top to wear for Latin dancing or to salsa class is this ‘cold shoulder’ top. This skirt is available in three different colours and can be tucked into any skirt that we have mentioned.

Best Outfits for Salsa Dancing


clothes for latin

Another option of top to wear for Latin dancing or to salsa class is this ‘cold shoulder’ top. This skirt is available in three different colours and can be tucked into any skirt that we have mentioned.

ZX Women's Tassel Salsa Dress

Latin dance outfit

This dress in particular is great for all Latin dances and looks extremely professional. It’s made from high quality materials (Spandex and Polyester) that are breathable and give you optimal movement.


The neckline on this dress is fringed and the waist is a breathable mesh embellishment. Another great aspect of this dress is that it comes with shorts to wear underneath, so even with its’ side-slit you can feel comfortable and confident.

ACSUSS Lyrical Women's Dance Dress

salsa dance outfit

Or why not go for something a bit lighter? This piece is a lyrical dress with leotard underneath, not your typical salsa-dancing outfit. But, it’s lightweight, elegant and breathable.

The skirt floats and the material is stretchy so it’s great for beginners or experts practicing more advanced moves.


Another great option to wear salsa dancing is a pair of comfortable, exercise leggings. These are a popular choice because they show your form and footwork, as well as being modest for those not comfortable in a dress.

High Waist Ultra Soft Lightweight Leggings


This particular pair comes very well rated for any type of exercise include as an outfit for ballroom dancing. You may think that skirts and dresses will give more freedom of movement but these are made from 86% Polyester and 14% Spandex so give great flexibility.

Another great feature of these dance leggings is that they have great compression, so you can move quickly around the dance floor whilst being comfortable.

SATINA High Waisted Ultra Soft Capris Leggings

salsa leggings

I find one of the best outfits for salsa dancing, especially dance practice – is a pair of ¾ length leggings. These keep you cool whilst you’re dancing around the room, much more than a full-length pair or trousers.

They also look extremely elegant whilst you dance, show off your footwork and can be paired with almost any lightweight top that you own. This particular pair are also available in a number of different colors and made from 92% Polyester and 8% Spandex.

What Shoes to Wear Salsa Dancing?

For Latin dances, it’s recommended that you pick an open-toe strappy sandal. This doesn’t have to be a heel, although if you’re confident enough it is recommended. Wearing heels gives the elegant look that salsa conveys whilst also exaggerating your point.

Latin dance shoes should also have suede soles for easy movement around the dance floor. For an in-depth review of the best shoes for Latin or salsa, check this article out.

But we’ll list a few of our favourites here.

GRACE KARIN Swing Dress with Sash

This satin pair of strappy salsa dancing shoes are extremely flexible, lightweight and comfortable. The heel is not extremely high (2.5inches) and there are plenty of straps to hold your foot in place. We think these are one of the best pairs of salsa shoes for beginners.

They’re available in a number of different colours and have beautiful rhinestones on the straps to add sparkle to any outfit.

MUXXN 1950s Vintage Swing Dress

salsa dance shoes

This pair, made by well-renowned dancewear brand Capezio are a perfect pair of salsa shoes for beginners. They have a more sturdy front strap for those who are less comfortable with skinny straps around the toes.

They also come with a small-ish heel (2inches) and are available in 2 different colours – black and nude. They are made from soft PU leather and have a quick release buckle, which is secure and adjustable.

That concludes our article on the best clothes to wear salsa dancing; hopefully you found some inspiration and can put together a great outfit. If you’ve booked yourself into your first lesson, check out the video below for some basic steps to learn before you turn up.

Also check out this article on 7 Top Tips before you head ballroom dancing.

Thanks for reading, please leave a comment below with additions to our review and we’ll be sure to add them.

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