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Best Dance Pole for Home Use

Pole dancing is growing in popularity as a method of fitness and as an expression of movement through dance. The best way to practice the sport is to install a pole in your home, but what are the best dance poles for home use?

Pole dancing is a great method of working-out, using lots of physical power and strength. So much so, that recently it become a recognized sport, becoming ‘Observer’ status by International Sports Federation.

It’s a combination of acrobatics and dance on a vertical pole, many people will associate the sport with stripping, but it’s so much more than that.

Pole dancing requires a lot of core strength as well as using your upper and lower body. In order to strengthen these muscles properly, it is recommended that you purchase a pole, for your home, to practice on.

Generally speaking, there are 3 types of pole dancing.

Pole fitness and sport, which focuses on strength, technical ability and acrobatics.

Pole artistic which focuses on music and movement, as a form of dancing and expression.

Exotic pole dancing which utilizes flexibility and sensuality.

Where Should You Install a Dance Pole?

This really depends on your house/ apartment. Many dance poles these days are removable, so you can put it up and move it, at your leisure. Many choose to have them in a discrete place, so it doesn’t ruin the aesthetics of your home, places such as a garage or basement are popular.

Spinning vs. Static mode on Dance Poles?

All of the poles that we discuss in this list have both modes, but here’s some more information about the difference between the two.

It’s quite obvious what the difference between these are and the best dance poles will have both modes, but what are the benefits of each?

Static Pole

Static poles are good for learning new tricks, and are usually used by beginners. It helps you develop your strength in the tricks, before moving on to spinning poles.

Static poles is much harder on your hands though, so some prefer to learn on spinning, before testing the skin on their palms!

Spinning Pole

Spinning on a dance pole is a great method for creating elegance and looking fluid in your movements.

But, they still need to be used with caution, over-spinning before you’re ready can make you disorientated and you can risk injuring yourself.

It will take time to learn the skills required, some moves will be quick and some slower. You need a good handle on the trick as well as the pole, which takes practice.

In our opinion, the best option is to get a pole that can be used for both, this way you can practice a range of movements and styles.

Many brands will give you the option of either spinning or non-spinning or both, this means you can use the brand you like, in the style that suits you.

Whichever style you prefer it will always be beneficial to have a pole dancing pole, at home. But what are the best dance poles for your home?

LUPIT POLE Dance Pole for Home

best pole for home
best dance pole for home use

This dance pole for home-use by Lupit is another amazing piece of kit. It’s removable and made from Polish stainless steel, this has a smooth, soft feel.

The great aspect of it being ‘removable’ means that you can move the pole from room to room without having to buy a new pole. This is amazing for those of you who move house regularly.

This is great pole for those of you that aren’t great with DIY as it can be easily installed in a few minutes, by one person without the use of a drill.

It has either spinning or static mode and has a quadruple ball bearing system for top spin.

As with the product before, this is 45mm which is the perfect size to fit most hands.

X-POLE X-PERT Starter Package

dance pole for home

As we discuss later in the review; X-pole are a trusted manufacturer of home-use pole dancing poles, and this X-Pert Pole is no exception.

We recommend this particular starter package for beginners as it contains everything that you will need to start your pole dancing journey.

This is the 2014 version of the X-pert pole, it’s 45mm and made from sturdy Chrome. You can set the pole to either spinning or static mode, this is great as you can practice a range of styles, great for competitive pole dancing.

What the starter kit includes…

 – Tool kit

 – Carrier bag

 – Dry Hands – Grip aid (2oz)

Art of Pole Volume 1

The Dry Hands grip aid is the most popular aid on the market, this helps you stick to the pole on days when you’re sweaty and slipping.

For those of you who are beginners in pole dancing, you’ll really feel the benefit of the DVD, it provides an understanding of the fundamentals of pole dancing. From grounded moves, aerial spins, static holds and teaching you how to turn all these moves into a graceful dance. It really is an amazing benefit for beginners.

Check out the installation video to give you advice on where and how you can put up this dance pole.

MegaBrand Removable Exotic Stripper Dancing Pole

dance pole for home use

MegaBrand have created a great pole for pole dancing at home, with this removable 45mm pole. It’s designed for most moves and strength training and is a great pole for beginners who want to start working out at home.

This pole comes in cheaper than the other ones on our list, and this doesn’t mean it’s less safe. Other poles will not come with an extension kit, meaning you have to pay for it separately. This particular pole comes with an extension kit included, so it’s great for those on a budget.

1x Height Adjuster, with 2 flanges – 1x 125mm Extension 2x 250mm Extension

Another great feature of this pole (similar to the other poles in our list) is that it has rubber protection to ensure your ceiling and floor does not get damaged.

It’s got both spinning and static modes with two hidden screws to lock/ unlock. It’s made from Chrome, which a lot of professional grade pole dancers prefer, but this is personal preference.

The most important issue with cheaper poles is that you can risk serious injury if it pulls out of the ceiling or floor. This pole can hold a weight of up to 200lbs and is extremely sturdy, even when performing tricks and turns.

go2buy Professional Dance Pole

pole dancing at home

Here we have another great dance pole for home use, amazing for those on a budget. This pole is also made from Chrome-plated steel and has an adjustable height.

Again, your safety is the most important consideration, and this ‘cheaper’ pole has that at the forefront of its manufacture. Amazingly, it can hold a weight of 440lbs.

This is a great dancing pole for fitness as the micro base plate and upper support drone provide maximum support. You can lift your weight, spin and do amazing tricks with confidence that you and your home are protected.

What the Kit Includes?

Top and base dome with spinner

Main pole with adjuster (A+B)

2 X Extensions

Tool kit

Assembly instructions


This pole (like all the others in the list) have both spinning and static modes. It’s fully removable so you don’t have to have it up all of the time, and you can move it from room to room without damage.

Amzdeal Pole Kit for Home Gym

dance pole

Amzdeal have created a great pole for home use, suitable for fitness or practicing your pole dancing moves. it’s extendable, from 1.27m (50inch) to 2.65m (104inch), for a great price.

The fact you can extend the height is a massive advantage. It means you can move it from room to garage even if the heights differ.

This pole comes in the more popular width of 45mm, and has a load limit of 440Ibs. Like many other dance poles in our list; it’s made from good quality Chrome.

It’s got both spinning and static modes, which you can switch between by adjusting the bottom screw. This isn’t as quick and effective as more expensive poles. But, a great aspect of the Amzdeal pole is that you can unscrew it halfway to spin at a slower speed. This is amazing for beginners not yet comfortable with high speeds.

Unfortunately the instruction manual is in a different language however, there’s a helpful Youtube video and photographs which are useful enough.

Pro Fit Professional Portable Spinning Dance Pole

Pro-Fit is another well known, reliable brand for dance poles and this is another great contender. The way that this stands out among the rest in our list is the LED dance light. This is great for those who are looking to add a bit of fun to their pole dancing.

This light makes this pole perfect for showing off your moves to friends and family, or even at class.

The LED light has two modes, a stay on light or a light show and it attaches to the pole extremely easily. But, if you’re not interested in this gimmick this pole is still great value and can be used without it.

As with the other poles in our list, this is removable and comes with a bag. So you can carry it to class, a friends house, or move it around your home.

This pole comes without screws and still manages to hold up to 250Ibs, this isn’t as much as other poles in the list so if you’re wanting it to hold heavier weights, this isn’t the right pole for you.

It comes with additional extensions which extend the pole to 10ft high, this should be suitable for any home or apartment.

The dance pole is easy to assemble and comes at a great price, if you’re looking for something fun and to keep you fit, this pole is perfect!

Our Number 1

X-pole Xpert

We think the best pole for home use is the X-pole Xpert. In terms of quality and performance this company are the best in the business. Not only is the standard excellent, they provide you with everything you could need as a beginner. It may be slightly higher in price, but the extra $50 or so that you’re spending is worth it to protect yourself and your home!

They also have amazing customer service, so if anything happens with it, they’re easy to contact.

Must Have Accessories for Beginners

A crash mat is a must have addition if you’re a beginner to pole dancing. To be honest, even if you’re not a beginner but practicing on wood/ tile or any hard surface you really need to consider this.

Whether you’ve had some classes or not, practicing new moves is risky and you can really hurt yourself if you fall.

You may have seen them (if you have been to a class), they’re basically like gymnastic crash mats. When doing aerial tricks or turns this will protect you from a bad fall. They’re specifically made for pole dancing, with a hole and slit down one side. But what are the best crash mats for pole dancing at home?

Lupit Pole Pole Dance Crash Mat Standard Model

poled dancing crash mat

As discussed earlier in the review, Lupit is a trusted manufacturer of pole dancing equipment. That’s why this particular crash mat is a go-to if you’re really taking pole dancing seriously.

It’s on the higher end price-wise, but you can’t put a price on safety!

This particular mat is available in Pink, Red and Black. It’s made from an anti-slip material so it won’t shift after you’ve spun yourself. This particular crash mat is extra thick to keep you safe from a high fall and has a 4 foot diameter.

Pole Tribe Dance Mats

Here we’ve found one for those looking to protect themselves, on a budget. If you’re looking to buy a pole for fitness or as a hobby, this is the pole dancing crash mat for you.

It’s 3.6 inches thick which isn’t a seriously heavy duty mat, but it will still protect you from wooden floors.

The mat is also 5 foot wide in diameter, so you can practice in confidence. The material is covered in a stiletto-proof vinyl so it shouldn’t tear, if you’re practicing in heels.

It can also be transported and stored easily by folding it up.

Amazingly this pole dancing crash mat is available in 5 great colours; Black, Pink, Blue, Purple and Red.

FAQ's: What Should be Included in a Home Dance Poles Kit?


Screws are sometimes used to hold the pole in place on the ceiling. Have a think before making a purchase about what you would prefer, I’ve always preferred no screws as I like to take mine down after a workout, it leaves no mark on the ceiling and they’re secure enough.

Even without screws, a good pole will allow you to climb, invert and spin to your hearts content.


A 50mm width is the old competition standard, which recently changed to 45mm. Some brands will do both, most of them make the poles in a 45mm width.

Ask your teacher or peers which width they prefer and work it from there, most people go for 45mm as you can get a really solid grip.

Dance Bag

Ideally the pole will come with a dance bag, this makes it easier to transport around. 

FAQ's: How do you install a dance pole?

1. Check The Ceiling

It is extremely important that you put your pole somewhere where the ceiling is supported with beams. This provides stability to you home, and pole and ensured you’re not going to damage your ceiling.

To do this effectively, you can purchase a stud finder 

Which will do all the work for you. Or if you’re feeling confident in your DIY skills, give the ceiling a small knock and see if you can hear that it’s hollow (this isn’t recommended).

2. Space

If you’re limited on space, going all-out on the pole will be difficult. Make sure you’ve got a place to put it that has (at least) enough room for you to spin with your arms out.

If this is how much space you’re working with; you’ll be able to do some strength training on the pole, but not really practice moves.

Ideally, you should be able to circle the spot with both arms stretched out, and not be hitting the wall.

Moves such as a Hook Spin, don’t require as much space as other tricks. See how to do this below

3. Make Sure it’s Level

The most important thing to consider when installing a dance pole is that it’s level. If the pole is not completely level, you will be spinning off-centre this will get extremely annoying.

The only way to really do this effectively, is with a spirit level. Even if you’re installing this with a few people and think you’ve got it level, it must be double checked.

FAQ's: What are the best brands of dance pole for home use?


X-pole make professional grade poles that are used in competitions and by instructors, all over the world. They manufacture safe and stable poles that you can use with confidence.

They make poles in 50mm and 45mm. 50mm is the original standard which recently changed to 45mm for competitions, 45mm is the more popular size. The fact that X-Pole still make them in a width of 50mm is a massive advantage, for those who prefer it.

Lupit Pole

Lupit pole makes a few different dance poles such as competition poles, stage poles and studio poles. But they also make amazing portable poles to use at home. They create high quality and well designed poles, where you will feel safe and supported at all times.

Below is a testimonial from the European Pole Dance Champion 2011, Alisa Pleskova who uses the Lupit pole at home.

FAQ's: How Much is a Dance Pole?

Dance poles range from around $100 to $500. You may find them cheaper elsewhere but you really don’t want to be spending any less than $100, otherwise your risk injuring yourself.

We recommend spending about $200 or over on your first dance pole, this ensures that it will be durable and last longer than a year. Spending more on a well known, professional brand usually makes the dance poles easier to remove and move. Lots of people don’t want the pole up in the house constantly (especially if you’re tight on space) and some of the cheaper poles can break when you try and replace them.

FAQ's: Is Pole Dancing a Good Workout?

Yes, in terms of burning calories. You can burn as many calories in a 30-minute pole dancing session, as you would doing aerobics. It’s an amazing muscle builder, as long as you are testing yourself more week by week, you can tone up your whole body with this one exercise.

Another amazing benefit is how you can work on your flexibility. As you work on your tricks and turns, you’ll become more limber. This can help reduce problems such as back pain, neck ache and muscle soreness.

This makes it an amazing piece of gym equipment, to have in your home.

FAQ's: Can you Install a Dance Pole in an Apartment?

In terms of safety; installing a dance pole in your apartment is no different to installing it in a house. As long as you follow the precautions we mentioned earlier (checking for beams and ensuring it’s level) then you’re good to go.

The issue that causing people to worry about it usually, is if you’re in rented accomodation. As we discussed, the best dance poles for home use shouldn’t leave a mark. There may be indentation left on a carpet, or grime build up on the ceiling – but these things shouldn’t put risk on your deposit.

Take precautions, follow set-up instructions and spend a little bit more money on a good quality pole, and you should be fine!

Thank you for reading our review of the best dance poles for home use. Hopefully you have learnt something about how easy it is to practice at home. 

Please leave us a comment with any tip, tricks or advice on the products we’ve discussed. 

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