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A Review of the 10 Best Shoes for Zumba

Zumba is one of the most popular forms of exercise and fitness, it incorporates hip-hop, samba, salsa and mambo. Whether you’re doing Zumba at home, or at the gym we’ll take you through the best shoes for Zumba. 

As Zumba is a mixture of both dance and fitness, it can leave people confused about the type of footwear they should be wearing, should it be dance shoes or trainers? It is very important that you wear appropriate Zumba shoes as they will keep your feet cool and prevent injuries.

If you’ve recently started Zumba and confused about the footwear, or maybe you’ve been doing Zumba for a while and suffering from knee problems, this article will explain which features you should be looking for in Zumba shoes and listing the best ones the market, so you don’t have to!

What are the Differences Between Dance and Sport Shoes?

In our article we will be discussing the best split-sole dance shoes you can get for Zumba, as well as sneaker style Zumba shoes with a full sole. 

But, what are the benefits or differences between them? 

Ideally, for Zumba your feet should be laying flat to the floor, with minimal grip and a spin-spot so you can pivot.

Normal trainers will not have these features, and this is where dance shoes such as Capezio and Bloch come out on top.

But there are some brands out there that make full-soled Zumba shoes that have spin-spots and are flat to the ground, without being dancing shoes, if that is what you prefer.

With Zumba, the most important thing is that you’re comfortable and so it’s personal preference whether you wear dance shoes or trainers.

Are You Suffering Knee Pain Whilst Doing Zumba?

Zumba is high impact and it’s very common to experience knee pain after a few sessions, it is important to note that with properly trained instructors this should not be happening.

But, if you are predisposed to knee pain and don’t want to give up Zumba, you don’t have to, it can really be as simple as changing your shoes! Normal running sneakers are designed for movements forward, but Zumba has a lot of side-to-side movements, this is why dance shoes are more beneficial as they’re designed for spins and sideways actions.

In this article we will point out the shoes that have helped others avoid knee pain, however we cannot guarantee what will help for you, so you may have to try a couple before finding the perfect pair.

The Main Features to Look For in Zumba Shoes


The grip on the sole of Zumba trainers is very important.

Zumba requires that you move freely around the floor so having too much grip will prevent you from spinning, and reduce your agility. 

On the other hand, having too little tread will make it difficult to change direction, without slipping over.

That’s why dance shoes are optimal for Zumba; they are made out of a softer material than your running trainers meaning you grip to the floor without sticking to it.


Whether you’re doing Zumba on your carpet in your house or in a studio, it is important that your feet are protected and you feel comfortable.

Padding around the side of the shoes will give comfort as well as great insoles to protect your arches.

The Sole

There are 2 types of sole we will be reviewing in this article, the first is a solid sole like you see on most trainers.

This covers the whole bottom of the shoe providing good support for your foot, but they don’t give you as good flexibility. The second style is a split sole, like you see on dance and jazz shoes.

A split sole means there is only protection from the floor on the ball of your foot and the heel, this gives you excellent flexibility but can be dangerous for individuals with bad arches.


Zumba requires lots of spinning, so it is important that you have appropriate shoes that lessen the tread when spinning otherwise you may twist an ankle.

Capezio Women's DS24 Rockit Dance Sneaker

This sleek and stylish dance sneaker from Capezio is perfect for anyone looking for a new pair of Zumba trainers. The foot bed is lined with lightweight soles that vent air for circulation with the platform measuring under 1”. 
The whole trainer is extremely lightweight, made from breathable rubber and mesh so your feet can keep cool whilst dancing.

Great for those with knee problems as they have built-in flexible points and a spin spot so you can move side-to-side without putting pressure on your knees.

Bloch S052 Criss Cross Dance Trainer

These are my number 1 favourite split sole shoes for Zumba, they are lightweight, comfortable and can be worn for any dance or aerobic class. 

They’re extremely breathable as they’re made from a mesh material and have dri-lex lining made for dancing.

Despite having a split sole, they still have great support for your arches as there is built in support.

Zumba Fitness Fly Fade

If you’ve just started Zumba these will be the best complement to this fast-action exercise, they are supportive, shock-absorbing footwear specifically designed enhance your Zumba experience.
They are stylish and have a padded tongue and collar for ultimate support and comfort with breathable textile lining. If you usually struggle with pain in your arches, these are perfect for you as they have a supportive insole.

RYKA Women's Influence 2.5

These Zumba trainers are built with comfort in mind, with a padded tongue and collar for the best cushioning when jumping up and down.

The solid sole is made from durable rubber, which provides traction and support for up-beat Zumba classes. The pivot point allows for fast paced movements with outstanding traction.

They’re slim trainers, so perfect for those with narrow feet. But they are available with extra width so can be suitable for all!

They’re lightweight so easy to do heel-toe combinations and pivots that Zumba requires. These shoes are so comfortable and breathable that you can wear them all day.

RYKA Women's Tenacity Cross-Trainer Shoe

These cross-trainer shoes are perfect for Zumba, with a wackier design and high-top style.

They have a solid sole and pivot point that allows for amazing directional change and quick movements. As well as being able to move quickly, the traction is sticky enough to hold your weight without sliding across the floor.

These trainers run large, so buy a size down for tighter support and a better fit. 

PUMA Women's Fierce Core Cross-Trainer Shoe

puma shoes for zumba

These zumba shoes are practical and versatile because they’ll be functional at class and make you look great on your way there!

Puma have made a really supportive pair of zumba shoes, they come with medial and lateral support for 360 degree movement. They’re extremely comfortable with a padded tongue and collar. 

Another great thing about these trainers is that they’re breathable, a factor that is so important in sports wear!

Pivot points on outer sole, heel and toe so amazing for moving around the floor quickly and safely. This makes these shoes great for cross-training as well!

Finally, these shoes are available in so many different colours and styles, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Reebok Women's Hayasu Track Shoe

reebok zumba shoes

Compared with the Puma pair above, these zumba shoes have added insole padding. This means they’re great for those with weaker knees, who need a bit more support. This insole is actually removable as well, so if you find it too soft you can take it out. 

They’ve got a rubber sole which has good traction, mid-cut design and available in loads of colours (we love the pink and blue pairs).

We think this pair of shoes are great because the mid-cut design means they;re really supportive on your ankles. Now, this isnt as much ankle support as the Ryka pair above, this is mid-level support. These are beautiful trainers for zumba, and come very highly recommended. 

As you can see from our review, there are so many great styles of zumba shoes available. 

If you’re new to zumba, check out this beginners workout.

Thanks for reading our review! Hopefully there is a style in there to suit your needs, whether that’s extra support for ankles or padding to support your knees. It’s all here in our article. 

Let us know in the comments if there is any brands or styles of zumba trainers that you think should be added!

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