how to zumba at home

How to do Zumba at Home

Zumba has become a worldwide fitness craze in the last few years, there are classes in almost every gym.

But, if you’re not wanting to pay money for a gym, here we’ll  explain how to Zumba at home. 

Why do Zumba at Home?

There are many reasons to start Zumba, here we’ll discuss some of the main benefits of practicing Zumba at home.

Zumba can Help you Lose Weight

Zumba is a cardiovascular workout which alternates between high and moderate-intensity. This means it’s great for weight loss because it’s calorie burning.

1 hour of Zumba can burn up to 400 calories and importantly, it doesn’t feel like it. It’s worth mentioning, if losing weight is your goal, you’ll also need to be eating well and taking in less calories. You’ll need an overall calorie deficit which means eating better, before you’ll start to see any results.

Zumba can Improve your Balance and Flexibility

Zumba is a workout for your whole body, including your abdominal muscles, the movements which mirror belly dancing and Latin are especially good for your core. Therefore, practicing Zumba up to 5 times a week can massively improve your balance.
If you’re not usually an active person, Zumba is an excellent way to get moving. The movements workout all of your muscle groups and can improve flexibility.

With Zumba, the more you put in, the more you get out.

To Save Money

Zumba class is usually somewhere between $10-$20 per class, this really adds up over time. We recommend taking a couple of classes a week with an instructor, this will teach you all of the technique, which you can then use to practice at home.

You Can Workout at Your Own Pace

One of the great things about practicing Zumba at home is that you can workout at your own pace and modify the moves to suit you. There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re lagging behind at a class.

You can select the dances that you love and make up your own routines. Even if this means linking together a number of styles that suit you.

To Build Your Confidence

For some people, the idea of turning up to a class where you don’t know anyone, doing a dance/ exercise style you’ve never done, can be daunting.

There are so many videos on YouTube these days and DVD’s that you can buy, there’s really no need to turn up without practicing some of the basic steps.

This isn’t to say that you MUST do this, the great thing about Zumba is it’s for everyone of all levels. I certainly didn’t know what I was doing when I first turned up.

How to Zumba at Home

There are plenty of videos online, to help you learn the basics of Zumba. Now we’ll go through the 3 basic dance styles that Zumba incorporates, Merengue tap, Reggaeton and Salsa.

There are over 20 dance styles utilised by Zumba, and each class will be different. But, once you have perfected these moves it will really help you practice Zumba at home. Try and learn all 3, or pick a style that you prefer.

1. Merengue Step

This one is all about stepping on the beat and shifting your hips as you step. As you get more confident you can add movements with your arms and even include little hand weights, this will help burn more calories.

2. Reggaeton Steps

This one is slightly more difficult but a must-have in your Zumba repertoire. There are jumps and knee lifts, all great for raising your heart rate and burning calories.

3. Salsa steps

Get your hips moving with the salsa steps, this one is great for flexibility and coordination.

Once you have the moves figured out, and feel ready for the next step, why not buy a Zumba DVD? They have DVD and console versions (Playstation, Xbox or Wii) with up to 30 different dances, speed up the music to really get your heart racing!


How Often Should you do Zumba?

This depends on your fitness background, if this is your way of breaking into fitness it is recommended you start with 20 minutes, 3 times a week. This can then be added to, over time until you’re comfortable working out for up to 60 minutes, 4 times a week.

It is important to give your body time to rest and for your muscles to heal. So be sure to take days off and not over work yourself.

What Should I wear to Zumba?

Whether you’re going to a class or working out at home, it’s important that you’re in the best clothes for Zumba. Shoes are the most important factor here, because you risk injury if you’re wearing inappropriate footwear. If you’re working out at home it’s still smart to wear some sort of cross-trainer or gym shoe, this is better than being barefoot as it protects your feet and arches.  

Check out this article to see a review of the best shoes for Zumba.

In terms of clothing, keep it as breathable as possible as you’ll be sweating while you dance. Avoid anything that’s restrictive like linen, denim or cotton. Any form of gym clothes will be good.

How Can I Lose More Weight at Zumba?

As we’ve discussed, Zumba is all about how much you’re putting in. The more you go for it with the dance moves, the more calories you will burn. When there are lunges and squats, go as low as you can (without injuring yourself), this will increase the intensity of the move.

When I’m practicing at home I like to use small hand weights, anywhere between 1-3kg is really beneficial for toning up.

Thanks for reading our guide on How to Zumba at Home.

We hope you’ve learnt something and feel confident enough to stick on a tutorial and start dancing! 

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