Best Dance Gifts – For Girls

Dancers work so hard for their competitions and recitals, it’s nice to treat them to a gift, appreciating their efforts. If your little dancer is too young for a bouquet of flowers, what are the best dance gifts for girls? We’re laying out some unique and special presents which show them you care.

Knowing what to gift a dancer is difficult and extracurricular activities are expensive! So we’re going to separate this article by cost as not everyone works with the same budget.

There’s gift ideas in here for all ages, but some of the dance gifts will be more suitable for younger dancers and some for older.

So, let’s start with a great present for all ages, dance DVD’s

A Dance Movie

  • Step Up
  • Shall We Dance
  • Saturday Night Fever
  • Dirty Dancing
  • Save the Last Dance
  • Footloose
  • Billy Elliot (for the older dancers)
  • Black Swan (for the older dancers)
dance recital gift

Movies always make a great present because you can sit and watch them together and let them inspire you. Our personal favourite is Dirty Dancing, an absolute classic!

Moving onto more specialised presents, we think jewelry is one of the best gifts for a dance recital because it can be kept forever. Nowadays there is so much choice on the market, you can get them personalised or with beautiful dance quotes – without hurting your bank balance.

So let’s get to it..

Best Dance Recital Gift Under $10

Infinity Collection Dance Hair Ties

dance hair tie

If your young dancer is frequently doing performances or recitals, in can get expensive to always buy them lavish presents. But, if you still want to appreciate their hard work – why not get them a dance gift under $10.

Just like these cute dancer hair ties, not only do they look great they’re also extremely functional for dancers!

Ballet Girl Make-Up and Carry Bag

Hunger have made an adorable make-up bag to give as a recital gift for girls. It’s the perfect size to take to dance competitions or exams

A great feature of this cosmetic case is that it is made from an easy to clean microfiber material, so you don’t have to worry about damaging it with spills.

It’s also available in so many different colours and styles to suit your dancers style. This is a great dance gift because it’s large enough to fit all the necessary make-up, hair accessories or even a little snack!

‘Dance’ Themed Vinyl Wall Art

This is an extremely unique dance recital gift which you can surprise them with when they return home. There are so many different versions of vinyl wall art, so you can pick one which suits the dancer and their bedroom, but we like this one as it’s simple.

It’s a great way to decorate their bedroom to suit their personality and inspire them. They can be applied to any wall, mirror or hard surface.

You don’t even need to be DIY guru to get this up, just follow the instructions and it’ll be easier than you think.

Best Dance Recital Gifts Under $20

Infinity Collection Dance Bangle

This simple bangle with dance charms, is perfect as a recital gift for young dancers. The beauty of these bracelets is that you can stretch or shrink them as needed, meaning you can’t really go wrong with sizing. That being said, these are not for adults. Anyone above 15 years would probably struggle to get this on!

They’re a beautiful dance gift because they come in a small velvet pouch which adds a touch of class, whilst not breaking the bank.

We think this is an amazing recital gift under $20

SpinningDaisy Personal Mantra Cuff

Here’s another beautiful piece of jewelery for a dance gift under $20. This one is recommended for slightly older dancers, perhaps in their teen years who want something a bit more low-key.

This bracelet measures 0.2” wide with a 2.5” diameter, however it is slightly adjustable to fit a 7” wrist (circumference). The ‘Just Dance’ style is available in Silver, Gold or Rose Gold.

It’s extremely dainty and sophisticated and would make an excellent present for a young dancer.

Eccolo Traveller Journal

dancer gift

We love an inspiration quote, especially when it relates to dancing! Mix that with a cute way to stay organised, and we’re 100% on board.

This is a quality-made journal that feels like leather but is actually vegan-friendly! It’s a bound journal with 256 lines, acid-free pages. 

This is a perfect recital gift for dancers because we know how hectic their schedules can be, it’s the perfect way to jot down dance notes or log their dance progression.

Bearington Stuffed Animal Ballerina

recital gift

This is a beautiful keepsake for young dancers aged 3 years +

Manufactured by worldwide Bearington Baby Collection. The teddy bear is hand-crafted using quality, soft materials that will last a lifetime, she measures 15” tall from head to toe.

This is the perfect present for young, budding ballerinas!

Best Dance Recital Gifts Under $50

‘Dance’ Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace

jewellery dance gift

This ‘Dance’ necklace is perfect for those extra special moments, made from Sterling Silver and comes in a gift box.

As well as a dance charm, it comes with a lavender (or pink) CZ heart charm and little silver star. This necklace isn’t just great for those who do ballet, this would be a great present for any budding dancer – there are also different sizes to fit different ages.

The PlumBand Stretch Band

This is the top-rated stretch band for dancers to improve flexibility and stretching. It’s made from top quality natural rubber in a loop design that let’s the dancer focus on proper technique and positioning.

For dancers who are passionate about improving their talent, we think it’s amazing to gift your dancer with a great quality present which helps do this. This is available for children or adults and increases range of motion, strengthens key muscles and warms them up before dance competition or performances.

We truly believe this too be the best dance gift on the market. 

The Art of Movement Book

dance present

This is a beautiful collection of photographs showing movement, and a homage to the art of dance. I don’t think any dancer would be unhappy to receive this, I have personally spent hours flicking through the pages (304 to be exact!) there is always something new and exciting to be found.

Especially for ballet dancers, or those who appreciate photography – this book really is something special.

Best Dance Recital Gifts Under $100

Ballerina Music Box

ballet present

Now, if you’re wanting to spend a little more and an extra special gift that will last your dancer a lifetime – what better present than a music box. We’ve spoken about a couple of jewellery boxes but this one in particular is a classic gift which can be kept as a keepsake forever.

This jewellery box plays the tune Swan Lake when it is opened and the ballet shoes gently spin. Not only will it hold the most valued jewellery, it looks great as a bit of decor.

As a slightly more expensive gift, the quality really shines through. It has a quality feel made from plastic and wood which has been hand-painted.

Other Recital Gift Ideas...

Pamper Session

Why not show them that their hard work has been noticed by treating them to a pamper session. All you need is some face-masks and a foot bath and let them relax after weeks of strenuous training!

You can even take this a step further by taking them out to get a manicure or pedicure, something which they wouldn’t have been able to do whilst training.

‘Treat’ Them!

It is always advised to keep dancers diet nutritious and healthy on the lead up to a dance recital, so they’ll always appreciate a treat once it’s over. Whether this be a candy selection or taken out for a nice dinner, this is a great way to spoil them, whilst also spending a bit of quality time with them.

Dance Books

We have already spoken about The Art of Movement, a classic collectible. But dance books are always a great way to inspire young dancers and something which they can hold onto forever. The level of book obviously depends on the age of the dancer but from 5 – 25, there is a fantastic book out there.

Why not add a little message on the inside cover, a great way to personalise the gift and something they can look back on and treasure.

Personalised Dancewear

This is a great present for dancers because it’s functional as well as special. Right now you can get pretty much anything personalised, such as

A Special Event

There is nothing that we love more than attending a musical or ballet performance and this is a perfect gift to show your appreciation. Take them to a show that will inspire them and it can also be a treat for the whole family!


We think the best dance recital gift (even as a christmas or birthday gift) is the PlumBand Stretch band. Every dancer wants to improve flexibility, strength and range of motion – and this will help them achieve it.

It comes all inclusive with printed instruction booklet and travel bag, so it can be carried to competitions or performances. This particular brand comes extremely well rated and doesn’t break the budget.

As well as the instruction manual, there are also plenty of videos for dancers to follow and learn how to stretch sensibly and comfortably.

Thank you for reading our review of the the best dance gifts and ideas! Hopefully you have found something to get your little dancer to show them your appreciation for their hard work and efforts.

Leave us a comment if you have given someone a special gift and think it deserves a place on our list!

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