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Best Gymnastics Leotards for Toddlers and Teens





Gymnastics is a sport that requires strength poise and focus; one way to ensure concentration is by dressing appropriately, which all starts with a good quality gymnastics leotard.

But, what are the best gymnastics leotards on the market? Buying leo’s online means there is plenty of choice of color, style and brand, here we’ll take you through everything you need to know, before you buy.

What Material is used for Gymnastics Leotards?

Gymnastic leotards are typically made a combination of Nylon, Spandex and Polyester. A common style for gymnastics leotard is also Velvet.

It is important that leotards are form fitting without be too snug that they ride up.

Are Dance and Gymnastics Leotards the Same?

They are both tight-fitting, one-piece garments of stretchy material, that are worn when performing a dance-based or athletic sport.

However, the materials differ between dance leotards and gymnastic leotards, where usually the gymnastic leotards are more colorful and bejeweled, unlike simpler dance leotards

They also tend to have wider straps for support.

Different Types of Gymnastic Leotards


A leotard is a one-piece that covers the torso, typically with straps however has no fabric over the legs. They are a unisex garment, which vary in terms of neckline, sleeve length, and leg cut. 


Biketards are similar to leotards in that they cover the torso and vary in terms of neckline and straps however they also cover part of the thigh.

This makes them very popular with younger gymnasts in terms of comfort, because they don’t ride up as much. Also, some parents feel more comfortable with their child in a biketard as it covers more skin.

Best Gymnastics Leotards for Toddlers and Children

Belovance Biketard

best leotard for gymnastics

Belovance have produced this sparkly biketard from 82% Polyester and 18% Spandex, giving it a light and soft feel, with a bit of flexibility. The material also has a great breathability feature, so your child can work hard in practice without feeling the heat.

This particular gymnastics leotard is available in 8 unique designs, meaning there is plenty of style and color to choose from. The leotard shown in the photo, for example, is a lovely design, which almost looks as though it’s high-waisted shorts and a top.

The leo fits as expected, and ranges in size from 3-4 years up to 13-14 years.

  • Fits well, recommended to buy usual clothing size
  • Good choice of color and pattern
  • Affordable
  • No tumble dry

Tuonroad Gymnastics Biketard

This is another example of a well-designed, affordable biketard made with a stretchy and breathable fabric. Alongside being breathable, the fabric is also non-see through

Amazingly, this one has 40 different colors and patterns to choose from! So your child can dress for gymnastics in pizzas, sharks or unicorns!

It also fits very well, although slightly on the bigger side it gives room for them to grow into.

This is one of the best gymnastics leotards for toddlers with the age ranging from 2 years to 10 years, with a detailed measuring chart if you want to be sure you’re getting the right size.

  • Amazing choice of patterns
  • Affordable
  • No fade of color or shrinking when hand-washed
  • Comes up slightly bigger than usual dress size

TFJH E Sparkle Gymnastics Leotard

gymnastics leotard

For our first gymnastics leotard for children, we have this popular choice from TFJH E. This one comes with 3 different unique styles and designs; firstly a tank-style with a criss-cross back, and tank-style with strappy back, or long-sleeved.

The sparkly material is breathable, flexible and washes very well when hand washed and left to dry.

Another great aspect of this material is that it is comfortable for your child and not see-through, which can be a big issue for ‘cheaper’ gymnastics leos!

If your child is on the small side, it is recommended to purchase a size down, but other than that these gymnastics leotards fit extremely well.

  • Fits very well
  • Unique choice of style with matching hair scrunchie
  • Be careful when washing, hand wash and turn inside to dry outside

BAOHULU Embroidery Biketard

gymnastics leotard

If you’re looking to cover your child up a bit more, or need a leotard for the winter; this biketard from Baohulu comes with long sleeves (or short if preferred).

This gymnastics biketard is available in 4 different colors, with either a long sleeve or short sleeve. It is available from ages 3 years to 11 years

The material has a slight shine, with diamonds around the embroidery, all giving it a fun, shiny appearance. You can also find this style as a leotard from the same brand.

  • Strong color, which doesn’t quickly fade
  • True to usual dress size
  • Putting it through the washing machine may cause damage, hand wash only

Wah Na Girls Leotard

gymnastics leo

Here we have an extremely well-rated gymnastics leotard available in 5 striking colors. It comes with a tank-style front in either U-shape or a one-shoulder style leotard.

This leotard is available from 2 years to 10 years, making it an excellent gymnastics leotard for your little one.

One of the best aspects of this leo is the fit, it’s true to size and has a snug feel, this means if you’re searching for a leotard for them to ‘grow into’ it’s best to go a size up, in this one.

  • Very pretty, sparkly material
  • 2 different necklines, 5 different colors
  • Snug fit

HOZIY Gymnastics Biketard

This is another fantastic biketard, available in 0ver 15+ different colors and patterns, including dinosaurs and donuts! It’s made from 82% Polyester and 18% Elastane which gives it a quick-dry and breathable quality.

The shorts go down to the mid-thigh so you there is a lot of coverage, and sizing is from a 2-year-old to a 10-year-old. The length of the leo is slightly longer than other varieties

This gymnastics leotard with shorts comes with very good reviews as it is true to size, great quality, and beautiful patterns, all for an affordable price.

  • Great quality whilst being affordable
  • Fits as expected
  • Free returns

SQY Long-sleeved Leotard for Girls

gymnastics leo

For something a bit different, this sparkly gymnastics leo comes with either long sleeves or in tank-style and is available in 3 different colors. It has a great fit, with a long enough torso size and thick enough material that it doesn’t ride up and is not see-through when performing tricks.

Unfortunately, this gymnastics leotard is only available from the ages of 5 to 12, but it comes with a detailed measuring chart which explains the chest, shoulder to crotch and sleeve lengths, so you can find the perfect fit.

  • Long sleeves, great for winter practice
  • Thick, durable material
  • Not see-through
  • Smaller range of sizes

Best Gymnastics Leotards for Boys

New Dance Gymnastics Leotard

leotard for boys

This is a ‘classic’ style gymnastic leotard for boys, available in multiple different colors and styles. The biketard and leotard style has good coverage and can easily be worn with a pair of gymnastic shorts over the top, if preferred.

The leo fits as expected and is available from 6 years up to 12 years, helpfully you can also choose a size according to the weight of your child.

This gymnastics leotard for boys is well made using quality materials, making it durable and easy to wash.

They’ve got a skid proof sole, criss-cross elastic top as well as an elasticated drawstring. The canvas material is good quality, which makes the ballet slippers comfortable for children.

This particular pair is also available in a number of unique styles and materials, including a satin pink pair and one with a little bow sewn onto the front.

Age: Size 5 (toddler) – 4.5 (big kid)

  • Good quality material and manufacturing
  • Available in a variety of colors and styles
  • eat when paired with shorts
  • Not made for toddlers

Snowflake Boy and Mens Leotard

gymnastics leotard

This singlet biketard is a great outfit for boys or men, taking part in gymnastics. It’s available in Navy color with 4 different color stripes; red, yellow, gray and green.

It’s manufactured in the US and made from quality Lycra material, which lasts well, even when washed. The material is soft, stretchy and can be easily worn under gymnastic shorts.

The leo fits as expected and is available from 6 years up to 12 years, helpfully you can also choose a size according to the weight of your child.

This gymnastics leotard for boys is well made using quality materials, making it durable and easy to wash.

They’ve got a skid proof sole, criss-cross elastic top as well as an elasticated drawstring. The canvas material is good quality, which makes the ballet slippers comfortable for children.

This particular pair is also available in a number of unique styles and materials, including a satin pink pair and one with a little bow sewn onto the front.

Age: Size 5 (toddler) – 4.5 (big kid)

  • Comfortable material
  • Easily worn under shorts
  • Hand wash only

Best Gymnastics Leotards for Teens

Ukyzddio Shiny Waves Gymnastics Leotard

This tank leotard with purple wave pattern has a classic U-neckline and metallic fabric. The material is super flexible, made from Nylon and Spandex and can be worn with a bra.

Despite being in our ‘teen’ section, this leo can be worn from 4 years up to 14, making it one of the best gymnastics leotards for children, as they can grow into it.

The body length of this leotard is reasonably long, meaning it doesn’t often ride up. It also comes with a snug fit so if you’re buying a leo with room for growth, it’s recommended to buy a size up.

  • Fits snug to dress size
  • Long length body so it doesn’t ride up when practicing
  • Only available in one color

GK Simone Biles Firecracker Gymnastics Leotard

gymnastics leotard

One of the best brands of gymnastics leotards is GK, they’re a global leader in gymnastics apparel, worn by Olympians and here is a great example.

Simone Biles designed this leotard; it’s patterned with red white and blue and is high quality. The material is breathable and lightweight and it has a great, snug fit. It does run small so it’s recommended to use the sizing chart before ordering a gymnastics leotard from GK, to ensure it fits perfectly.

If you need any gymnastics inspiration or haven’t heard of Simone Biles (How?) check out the video at the bottom of our review, for a mind-blowing performance. 

  • High-quality material and manufacturing
  • Comfortable, snug fit
  • Recommended to order a size up or use the measuring chart to ensure a good fit

GK Pink Diamonds Sparkle Gymnastics Leotard

Our final gymnastics leo for teens is also from GK, this one is available from toddler – women sizing, so it can be worn by all. This pink and sparkly leotard comes with a unique V-neckline and made with quality materials of Nylon and Spandex.

The fit of this leo makes it extremely comfortable for practice or performance, with excellent stretch and hold, without riding up.

This is certainly one of the best gymnastics leotards for all ages!

  • Comfortable
  • Quality design
  • Use the measuring chart before ordering, to ensure a perfect fit

FAQ’s: How much do Gymnastic Leotards Cost?

As we have seen in this review, there are many different brands and styles of gymnastics leotards; this affects the price. Typically in store, you will be paying anything from $30 – $60 for a quality leo.

By shopping online you can get a good quality gymnastics leotard to your door anywhere from $10 – $40, usually with free returns!

What are the Best Leotard Brands?

GK is the world leader in gymnastics apparel and leotards; they’re worn by professionals and Olympians. The quality of material and manufacturing is top-notch, but you do pay a premium, compared to other gymnastics brands, which can have similar quality.

FAQ’: What Should I Wear to My First Gymnastics Class?

For girls and boys attending their first gymnastics class, it is essential that hair is tied back and no jewelry is worn, this prevents injury in class.

In terms of clothing, girls can wear any leotards with compression shorts, or footless leggings/ tights over the top.

Be sure not to wear any footed tights, as this will be slippery. (

For boys, a compression T-shirt which can be tucked into athletic shorts which have room for movement or compression shorts, if preferred.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, check out this video of Simone Biles performing a double double beam dismount !

Thank you for reading our guide and review on the best best gymnastics leotards for toddlers and teens.

Hopefully you have found one that you like, but remember there are 100’s and 1000’s of different styles out there online, so have fun shopping around!

If you have any questions or additions, please leave us a comment below.