Best Disco Outfit Ideas for Men – And Where to Buy Them

You’re bound to get invited to a disco-themed party at one point or another, and finding a disco outfit for men can be hard, without trekking to an expensive costume shop. Here we run through the best 70’s disco outfit ideas for men, from a variety of online retailers – so you don’t have to leave the house!

We’ll be looking at cheesy, funny styles as well as sophisticated, ‘dress to impress’ options.

We go through styles from smooth Studio 54 attendees, to wacky Bee Gees lookalikes! Even if you’re not looking to buy, check out the pictures for some interesting ideas for your disco party. 

What is Disco?

Disco was originally created in the 1960’s and reached its pinnacle popularity during the 70’s and 80’s by incorporating funk, soul, pop and salsa. The style of dance is distinguishable by its’ rhythmic repetitive beats and electronic sounds. 

Nowadays disco dancing isn’t as popular as it was in the 70’s and 80’s and is mostly practised within dance competitions and by retro fans worldwide.

Best Disco Outfit Ideas for Men

Saturday Night Fever

saturday night fever outfit

A popular choice is to mimic the ICONIC styling of John Travolta in the all-time greatest disco movie, Saturday Night Fever.

For a mens Saturday Night Fever outfit it’s all about the wide-collared, open shirt paired with flared trousers.

You can rock this look in many different colors and styles, but for the signature Saturday Night Fever outfit you’ll need an all-white suit, preferably bell-bottomed or flared, with a black (open) shirt and waistcoat.  

There are plenty of different options out there for the comedic white suit style of John Travolta and it’s certainly a popular choice as a disco outfit for men.

These two are great options because they’re really well priced considering they come with the jacket, the waistcoat and the trousers – all you need to add is a pair of white shoes and some chest hair

…This can be drawn on or real. 

Now, you may already own a black (or dark colored) shirt, if this is the case, you can go without the jacket and simply buy a white waistcoat and trousers, this will save you money and you’ll surely be wearing a shirt that fits. 

By buying these two garments separately, you’ll be saving between $10 and $20! This also allows you to mix it up with the colors, making you stand out at the 70’s disco party!

The Bee Gees

disco outfit for men

For a great group-themed disco outfit for men, take some inspiration from popular 70’s music groups like the disco trio, Bee Gees.

There are two distinctive styles that you could go for in this respect, firstly a matching metallic style, in either silver or gold. 

We love the metallic disco outfits for men that you can find online. The Bee Gees were big fans of open, metallic bomber jackets with matching trousers, here are some similar options. 

This metallic 70’s disco outfit for men come in both silver and gold so you can mix it up, depending on what you prefer. We recommend teaming with 2 friends and rocking the all-gold disco jacket and trousers for a proper Bee Gees look! 

To take this disco style even further, get yourself a long-haired wig and some facial hair to really look like the 3 brothers during their prime.

For a more understated look..

Pair this all-white turtle neck and bomber jacket with some gold jewellery for a sophisticated Bee Gees outfit – plus you can wear this with any jeans you have! 

Studio 54

If you want to really dress-to-impress, a Studio 54 inspired disco outfit is sure to make you stand out from the crowd. The famous nightclub only let in the best-dressed celebrities, including the likes of David Bowie, Mick Jagger and Valentino.

Studio 54 outfits for men have a bit more variety, including wealthy designers in 3 piece suits and funky musicians in quirky shirts and trousers. 

Just like the celebrities queueing at Studio 54, this disco outfit for men is classy, stylish and cool. The shirt is available in over 10 different colors, ensure it is tucked into the trousers and have the top few buttons undone.

As this outfit is simple and classy, you can afford to pair it with some disco accessories for men, such as aviator glasses, gold jewellery and a neck scarf.

If you already have a lovely suit that you think will work for the disco outfit, pair it with some of these accessories to give it a 70’s flare. 

Men's Disco Outfit Accessories

disco dance

If you’ve got a disco party coming up soon and no time to buy a whole new outfit, or maybe you’re wanting to dress up in a 70’s outfit on a budget – pair some jeans with an open collared shirt and pick some disco accessories for men. 

Here are a few options, firstly…Nothing says mens disco outfit like a moustache and some bling!

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