Why Take Part in Dance Recitals?

What is a Dance Recital?

Dance recitals are a common end-of-year dance activity in which parents, friends and family can watch the hard work from the year.

Recitals are an exciting time but unfortunately for some, dance recitals can be a scary prospect. In this article we’re going to discuss the main benefits of taking part in dance recitals, to convince those who are nervous, to get involved!

Why Take Part?

1. Confidence

I know many parents who have watched their children perform in recitals and competitions, and thought ‘I don’t know where they get that confidence!’.

It’s not an easy thing to get up and dance in front of tens or hundreds of people, but it encourages a very important skill – confidence.

Some children are born with it, some children aren’t, but it can be improved with time and practice. Rather than competitions, where the child is being judged, recitals are an amazing place for the child to perform without having to ‘place’. For children with lower self-esteem, not placing at a competition can really play a toll on their mind, whereas recitals are a safer space for them to shine.

2. Achieving Goals

I was involved in dance recitals from the age of 10, but I know of many people that were doing this even before. One thing that dance recitals (and competitions) teach children – is to work towards a goal.

They begin practicing months before and are aware of the date in which it’s taking place. This gives them a lot of time to prepare, but on the night of the first one they may still feel underprepared. This is where they’ll learn lessons of working towards a date and being prepared.

The best thing about working towards a goal is completing it, and this is the euphoria they’ll feel after their first dance recital. There are little experiences better than feeling like you did amazing, then hearing the praise from family and peers.

The achievement of targets and goals is something that is useful all throughout life, and this is an amazing place to learn that skill.

dance recital

3. Creating Memories

Some of my favourite childhood memories involve practicing for my annual recital with me friends and peers. Long days and nights spent together, working hard but having fun at the same time.

This is one of the main reasons I try to enforce others to involve themselves and their children in dance classes. Just as much as they’ll remember memories and lessons from school, dance recitals will hold a special place in their hearts.

4. Teamwork

Learning to dance isn’t all about teaching skill and technique, for young and old dancers alike, it’s also about making friends and working as a team.

These kids practice together for hours and eventually perform together all of which teaches them to work well as part of a team.

Even if your child is doing solos at the recital, they’ve still learnt to cooperate with the teacher as well as other students in different dances.

On the day of the recital, the excitement that the children will feel will enforce them to support each other and learn to work together.

5. A Good Experience for Friends and Family

Let’s be honest, having children involved in dance classes, isn’t always a walk in the park. Firstly, the money that is spent on classes, uniform and travel can all add up during the year.

This is why it’s great for friends and family to watch the performances and have a moment of reflection for the reason why you put them through this.

As well as money, the child gives a lot of time and effort towards their classes, and it’s nice for them to show off their hard work.

As well as being a great opportunity for the dancers to show off their hard work, it is also a great opportunity for family to appreciate this with a gift. Dance recital gifts are a really nice way of giving a small something, to show you appreciate the hard work that they put into their lessons. This is also a great way to motivate them the following season. Anything from a new pair of dance shoes, dance bag, jewellery or a diary – all make a perfect way to say ‘Well Done’.

Dance recitals are a wonderful place for family, friends and dancers to make lifetime memories. I recommend any parent who is worried about their child taking part, to really access the good aspects that it will bring to their lives.

For another aspect on the subject, take a look at this article, which also discusses the importance of dance recitals.

There are plenty of videos on YouTube of young dancers preparing for a dance recital, these are a great way to see how excited children get on the day.

Below is an example of one of these children, getting their makeup, hair and costumes ready for the big night!

Thank you for reading our article on Reasons to Take Part in Dance Recitals. Hopefully this has given you the encouragement to either enrol yourself, or your child.

If any readers have any top tips to share, please feel free to leave us a comment in the section below.

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