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Best Cheerleading Stunt Stand for Home Use

Cheerleading is a competitive sport requiring at-home practice, to stand out form the crowd. The most sought after equipment therefore is a cheer stunt stand, used by flyers to work on balance, tricks and weight distribution. 

In this review we look at the benefits of owning a training stand and review the best ones on the market, so you know what you’re ordering is sturdy, safe, and worth the money!

What is a Flyer?

A cheerleading flyer or ‘top girl’ is one of the team stunts people, they’re either on top of a stunt or being lifted into the air.

Being a flyer is often the most sought after position because they’re in the spotlight, however it also requires a lot of concentration, timing, practice, balance and a whole lot more.

Why Buy a Stunt Stand for the Home?

A stunt stand is a must-have for any flyer, want-to-be flyer or cheerleading program. As previously mentioned, it takes a lot of practice to be a flyer and the most successful ones will be practising outside hours, either in the gym or at home.

One of the best ways to practice flyer stunts at home is to own a cheerleading stunt stand.


Practising at home on a cheer stand can really make a difference to the way a flyer balances when in a stunt, firstly it’s a great way to practice weight distribution by holding a position tight, locking the leg and ensuring weight is being distributed correctly, to keep you upright.


There are plenty of exercises using the flyer stand which will improve flexibility and range of motion, these will often require stunt stand door straps

Core Strength

Practicing at home out of standard training hours will increase your strength, making you a better flyer and overall performer. 

Holding tricks such as Scorpion whilst watching TV or listening to music will mean you can hold these positions better at practice.

Best Cheerleading Stunt Stand

for Home Use

Tumbl Trak Fly Right Cheer Stunting Trainer

best cheer stunt stand

Realistic stunt stand that feels as if you’re being held by a base

Tumbl Trak has created an amazing cheer stand for a great price, one of the best aspects of this one, in particular, is the springs, which this feel extremely lifelike when practising. This is a great cheerleading practice stand for all different levels of skill, as it comes with an adjustable stand which can be set at beginner level, intermediate and advanced. 

If you’re looking to work on balance, than this is an excellent stand to start on, most importantly it’s sturdy and safe!


Metal Spring – The springs are a great feature because they teach about bodyweight distribution, if you’re leaning too far one side it will tip and you’ll lose balance. These are designed to feel as though you’re stunting in real life. 

Rubber Base – It is important to have a wide base that is supportive of the flyer so that the equipment does not tip. 

Rubber Foot Pad – This footpad provides enough resistance with the sole of your trainers to avoid slipping as well as protecting the harsh metal stand from causing injury. 

Tumbl Trak Flyers Dream Package

cheer stunt stand for home

If you like the idea and appearance of the Tumbl Trak cheer stunt stand, but worried that it may be too advanced – the company also sell it as a bundle, including safety crash mats to avoid injury. 

The durable mats will make you feel safe when practising harder stunts, meaning you can work your way up your skillsets quicker. Another benefit of buying the bundle with the mat is that they’re great for stretching and practising ground stunts on hard, unforgiving floor such as garages or concrete. 

If you’re a multi-talented flyer, then this is a great product as you can practice gymnastics, martial arts, cheerleading and general fitness.

Stunt Stand Balance & Flexibility Stunt Equipment

Here we have a great stunt stand for beginner flyers who are aiming to improve their body control, safely.

This cheer stand is made entirely from plastic, which can be safer when being used in the home as it doesn’t cut or scratch the skin like wood or metal, it’s also closer to the floor than other stands. 

It comes with 5 adjustable inserts to simulate different levels of difficulty for flyers to progress in their skillset. This stand enables you to pivot while on the stand as well as mimicking different types of holds. 

A great feature of the Stunt Stand brand is that there are plenty of explanatory videos on YouTube to give tips and tricks, so you can use the flyer stand to the best of its ability!

Stunt Stand Cheer Balance Stunt Training Stand - With Sensor

From the same brand, Stunt Stand, here we have an innovative training method, where a sensor allows the athletes to get immediate feedback on their skill. Similarly to the stand previously discussed, it comes with 5 adjustable inserts that mimick the different levels of difficulty for flyers to practice different levels of cheerleading. 

The Stunt Stand Sensor Technology takes this to the next level, just as you would receive feedback from the base, the sensor can tell where weight is being placed so this can be amended and stunts can be held for longer. 

Just as the previous stunt stand, this is safe for use in the home and especially for beginner flyers looking to hone in their skill set, it’s made from plastic that will not cut the skin and it’s close to the ground to prevent injury. 

This sort of technology makes the transition from practice to air, much easier, building confidence, strength and balance. 

The Beam Store High Flyer Cheer Stand

cheerleading stunt stand

This cheer stunt stand from The Beam Store is similar to the Tumbl Trak stand in that it’s an adjustable height made from sturdy metal material. For this reason, this is one of the best cheer stunt stands for beginners, all the way up to advanced level. 

The base is wide for amazing stability, measuring 24” by 24”, this gives the flyer confidence when practising that they can shift their weight and the stand will remain in place. 

A great benefit of this training stand is that there are many different height levels to choose from, it’s height is adjustable from 16” to 26” in 3” increments. 

The downfall of this particular cheerleading stand is that it doesn’t have the springs, which replicate the typical movement of the base, this can make it difficult when you’re then lifted into the air and weight control changes. That said, it’s still beneficial to grow your core strength which will then help you when being lifted by the bases. 

Cheerleading Balance Trainer

stunt stand for beginners

“Best cheer stunt stand for beginners and children”

This is one of the best stunt stands for beginners and it comes for an extremely reasonable price!

This is a great product to train balance in young flyers as it has great stability, with a black rubberized top surface making the user work their core and ankles. 

The stunt stand is lightweight and portable, so it can be moved around the home and used on a variety of surfaces without shifting when in use. Because it is also low to the ground and made from a soft material, there is little chance of risking injury which can put parents or trainers minds’ at ease. 

As well as training balance and core, it’s a perfect stunt stand to work on flexibility and different stunts, giving your child confidence to then show off at training. The best feature of this stand is the price, compared to other stands this one is extremely affordable and will still train the flyer in a similar way. 

The only issue we can think of is that once the flyer starts to advance in level, they may outgrow this cheer stunt stand and require a taller stand with more lifelike features. 

Theatricals Neoprene Insert Tap Shoes

cheer stunt stand

In a similar respect to the previous, here we have a great stunt stand for children, toddlers or beginners – a foam stand which is affordable and portable. This stand is available in either pink or purple and is made from a high-density foam which is safe and prevents injury. 

Owning a low stand like this will enable the flyer to practise holds and stands ensuring they can remain still, training their core and balance. 

However, as with the previous item, this is not going to feel lifelike and will potentially be outgrown when they reach a more advanced level of flying. This can also be used by gymnasts and is an amazing addition to any home training gym where you may also have balance beam and crash mats. 

The quality is great for the price, it’s durable and will last a lifetime, it can also be placed on many different surfaces throughout (or outside) the home such as concrete, tile, carpet etc. 

FAQ's: What Cheer Stunts can you Learn at Home

Flyers can practice all sorts of tricks on a cheer stunt stand, such as Scorpions; balancing with the right foot on the stand, take hold of the left foot and bend it upwards towards the head. Hold this for up to 30 seconds on the flyer stand to increase flexibility and balance. 

Another example is a Heel and Stretch where you balance with one foot on the cheerleading stand and hold the other foot at the arch. Raise this leg straight out in front and hold for as long as possible, focus on keeping balanced and still.  

There are plenty more stunts to practice as well as tonnes of YouTube videos available, which take you through step-by-step training for your new cheer stand.

Thank you for reading our review of the best cheer stunt stand for home use, hopefully you’ve found something that will work for you. We have tried to include the best varieties for different skillsets, if you have any questions or advice to share with the readers – leave us a comment below. 

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