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Best Cheerleading Shoes for Children

Cheerleading is an extremely popular, competitive sport that engages the entire body including your feet and ankles. This is why it’s imperative to purchase cheerleading shoes that are supportive, flexible and effectively absorb shock. We will be reviewing the best cheerleading shoes for children and toddlers, looking at the pre-mentioned factors as well as price, fit, and brand. 

What is the Best Age to Start Cheerleading?

The younger you start, the more advanced you will be as you progress in your cheerleading career. 3 years of age is typically the youngest age that is taken at cheer training, but this will differ depending on the coach. 

A good way to start is by signing your child up to a Tiny Tot Tumbling Class, here they can have fun with learning gymnastics, which is a great lead into cheerleading. 

In this review, we will look at some of the best cheerleading shoes for toddlers, even if they’re just heading off to a tumbling class. 

What are the Best Brands of Cheer Shoes?

cheer shoes for kids

NFinity make cheerleading apparel such as shoes and bags, their cheer shoes are designed to fit the biochemical needs of athletes and ensure the best performance and a lower risk of injury.  

This is typically the most popular brand of cheerleading shoes for adults and is sometimes required as uniform for a cheer team, however this won’t be the case for kids cheerleading.

Kaepa make a broader range of products such as cheerleading and volleyball shoes and accessories, their cheer sneakers tend to be lightweight and designed especially for training and competitions. 

We will be discussing shoes from both of these brands, as well as looking at a range of other brands available online.

How Should Cheer Shoes Fit?

Owning a pair of ill-fitting kids cheer shoes will likely lead to an injury, if they’re too big there’s a risk they’ll trip, too small and they can bruise their toes.

Children’s cheer shoes should be snug like regular trainers with a bit of room for their toes to wiggle – this room at the front can but around a thumbnail length, giving them room to grow. 

The heel of the she should stay gripped around the foot as they jump and tumble, an important feature, as shoes slipping off is dangerous to the child. 

Best Cheer Shoes for Children

NFinity Youth Evolution Cheer Shoes


Professional-quality Cheerleading Shoes

These 6oz cheer shoes are great for kids and adults as they’re lightweight and designed for superior flexibility and support during training and stunts. 

They’re designed with laces for a secure fit and feature strategically located rubber outsole pods, to improve the durability in high-wear areas. They come in a red case which makes it easy to transport the cheer shoes around in a backpack or car, keeping them separate from your uniform or books. 

It’s important to note that these are not manufactured to street sizing, so it’s recommended to check the sizing guide before making a purchase. 

We are simply discussing 1 pair of NFinity in this review as we’re interested in giving you a range of brands, prices and styles – but please check out their website or Amazon listings, for more great products. 

Kaepa Seamless Cheer Shoe

The second big-brand cheer shoes for children is these Kaepa Seamless Cheer shoe which comes with a durable rubber sole, perfect for indoor or outdoor training. 

They’re extremely comfortable because they have cushioning in the heel and throughout the insole, for all-day comfort. 

For those children who will be training long hours or in hot weather, these shoes keep their feet cool by having a breathable side panel. These shoes are also amazing cheerleading shoes for kids because they come with bubble laces which keep them tied at all time, meaning there’s no risk of tripping or spending wasted time tying them. 

It is recommended to use the sizing chart before ordering these shoes as they are not the same as street shoe size. 

Cheerleading Shoes for Children Between 2 - 6 Years

Puma Uni-sex Basic Kids

These white Puma sneakers are great cheer shoes for kids under the age of 6, they’re a classic low-profile shape, featuring lace-up vamp and PUMA Formstrip. 

Puma have manufactured an extremely comfortable pair of cheerleading sneakers, as they feature a thick padded tongue and orthopaedic arch support. Buying cheer shoes from a reputable brand such as Puma, guarantees quality materials and manufacturing, making them durable. 

The sneakers are also available in a number of colors, although this may not be appropriate for cheerleading, if your child finds them comfortable you can order a few different colors such as red or black. 

These cheer sneakers for children can be purchased for anyone between the ages of 2- 8 Years and are great shoes for those that have high arches or need a bit more support. 

LakeRom Uni-sex White Sneakers

If your little one is not quite ready for laces, these cheerleading shoes are great for toddlers because they come with two thick velcro straps to hold the shoes tightly in place. 

They’re made from synthetic leather and a soft mesh material, both of which are durable and lightweight. The cheer shoes for kids are lightweight which makes them perfect for tricks and stunts and they have a flexible sole. 

Another benefit of these sneakers is that they’re unisex and have a simple design, this means they can be worn to school or playground, as well as cheerleading practice.

It is recommended that you refer to the size chart listed on Amazon, before purchasing a pair, this enables you to get the sneakers that fit your child perfectly, without having to return.

These cheer sneakers are great for children and toddlers between 2 – 6 years.

Nike Girl’s Youth Cheer Shoe

cheer shoe for toddlers

Nike have made a cheerleading shoe that come extremely well-rated, in terms of comfortability and durability, for an affordable price. The skin overlay on the mesh upper offers durability by protecting the shoe from sweat and odours. 

The synthetic leather that forms the shoe, wraps around the midfoot and heel to cushion the feet, protecting them from the shock of harsh jumps and kicks. The material is breathable, which is really important for cheerleading sneakers for children because it means the odour doesn’t fester in the shoes and your child’s feet don’t overheat. 

Another benefit of these shoes is that they’re available in half sizes meaning you can buy a well-fitting pair of cheerleading shoes for children, knowing that they will fit snug and comfortably.

These cheer shoes are available between the ages of 2 – 6 years, however, Nike also do an adult version which also work for teenagers. 

PresaNew Toddler Running Shoes

Here is a great pair of cheerleading shoes for toddlers between the ages of 2 – 4 Years, they come with both velcro and elastic laces however are primarily sealed with velcro. They’re available in white (as well as 5 other colors), they’re lightweight and wear-resistant, which makes them ideal for cheer. 

As with the previous pair, they’re breathable, made from a soft mesh material which lets air through and keeps your feet cool. These are some of the cheapest cheer shoes for children that we have in our review, however this doesn’t diminish how durable they are. 

You can find a sizing chart, which can be used to ensure you’re ordering the correct cheerleading shoes for your children, simply measure the sole of their feet in inches and find the corresponding size. 

Cheerleading Shoes for Children Between 2 - 6 Years

Hobibear Kids Outdoor Sneaker

cheerleading shoes for children

These running shoes by Hobibear will work great for cheerleading because they’re breathable and have a soft footbed for added comfort. The cheer sneakers are made with a synthetic, water-resistant sole and have a single velcro strap for easy takeoff. 

Because they’re made using water-resistant material, it makes them more durable, they’re also extremely sturdy, holding their shape well, after a year of use. 

These shoes are slightly bulkier than what we would usually recommend as cheerleading shoes for children, this can sometimes make it harder for kids to coordinate and move in time. However, some children will work better with more durable, stable shoes, especially if they’re doing higher-impact training style. 

One benefit of these cheer sneakers for kids is that they’re available for all ages between 2 and 13 years, they also fit as expected and come well-reviewed in terms of comfort, durability and price. 

Asics Kid’s Cheer Sneaker

kids cheer sneaker

Asics are a well-renowned sneaker company that can be trusted in terms of durability and comfort. That said, you do pay a slightly higher price as it is a big name brand, however they’re sure to last a long time and give great support. 

These particular cheer shoes for kids have full laces and are manufactured from faux leather which is wipeable and water-resistant. The soles are made from rubber which give good traction and is low to the floor which is a great aspect of any cheer shoe. 

A real benefit of these cheer shoes, comes from the side interchangeable panel. By using a color card, you can change the appearance of the shoe by using a color which fits in with your cheer team. This, along with the comfort and style, make these one of the best cheerleading shoes for kids between the ages of 2 – 13 Year. 

FAQ's: What do I Need to Know before Starting Cheerleading

Before you send your kid off to a cheer class, there are a few tips to minimise the risk of injury, and maximum enjoyment. 

Firstly, ensure your child is being properly warmed up before training reducing the chances of a pulled muscle, and ensuring maximum flexibility. A mixture of static stretched and compound, dynamic movements like jumping jacks are a great way to limber up and raise the heart rate. 

Make sure the training they attend is run by a professional that has all the appropriate qualifications such as first aid and knows how to assess risks. 

Hydration is key to performing well in all sport, and cheerleading is no exception. When packing a bag for cheer training, pack a reusable water bottle and ensure that plenty of water has been drunk throughout the day. 

Lastly, practising at home can help cheerleaders improve much quicker than simply attending class. There are lots of informative videos online (see below) which teach ways to practice flexibility and balance, if your kid is really keen on learning to be a flyer, there are at home stunt stands, which can help train them up.  


Here is a great example of the informative videos online, which will help children practice their skills outside of training.

Thank you for reading our review of the Best Cheerleading Shoes for Children

We aim to give a variety styles, so whether your child requires more professional-grade cheer shoes, or just a pair just for fun, there should be something is this article to suit. 

If you have any questions or advice, please leave us a comment below, we love to hear from you!

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